Student Center – Asbury University
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“The stuce is one of those places where you can work, have fun, and socialize.” — Eswin Monroy ’23

Affectionately dubbed “the Stuce” by students, the Student Center has been a center of campus community since it was built in 1927. The building originally served as the campus library, and in 2007, it became the Student Center — a hub for conversations, questions and community.

The Hiccup is an integral part of life in the Stuce and the space is audibly different when they are closed.  Ping pong and pool tables bring an escape from academics and create a fun place to compete, bond with friends, and meet people over group games such as “jungle pong”.

The Stuce hosts activities from class events and dorm hall competitions, to guest speakers, concerts, open mic nights, worship events and town hall discussions.  It is most often used for individuals or groups to study and share in the overall responsibilities of college assignments.  But equally important are the diverse conversations, moments of prayer and bible studies as well as much laughter.  While the student government offices have been located in the Stuce since it reopened in 2007, with the demolition of Fletcher-Early in 2020, Student Development and Intercultural Affairs now have eight offices located inside the student center.  Staff have all enjoyed this transition.  Working amongst the students and passing through multiple times per day is a great reminder to all of us why we are here and what a tremendous blessing it is to be a part of this community.

Times will vary during the summer based on reservations only.  Please contact Christine Endicott at to request a reservation, or fill out the reservation form.

Student Center Normal Hours 

Closed for Spring 2022 but will reopen Fall 2022 RENEWED AND IMPROVED! See the schedule at the Bistro.

The Hiccup Coffee & Shakes

The Hiccup is currently taking precautions to keep everyone safe during Covid-19. All baristas are wearing masks.

In 2007, a local Wilmore establishment opened a coffee shop in the Student Center. In 2011, the establishment handed over the responsibilities of the coffee shop to the university, which then began searching for a new name for the shop. By popular vote, The Hiccup (Hydration Innovations and Caffeinated Creations for the University Population) Café began its first stages. After years of learning and growth, the coffee shop has undergone several levels of change and is now known as The Hiccup.

The Hiccup provides great quality espresso drinks, milkshakes, and smoothies to the surrounding community.

The Hiccup aims to provide quality drinks at a low price. View The Hiccup’s menu. 


  • Monday-Thursday: 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. and 7 – 10 p.m. (Closed MWF @10 for chapel)
  • Friday: 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Saturday: 12 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Sunday: Closed

Holiday Hours


  • October 12: Closing at 3 p.m., Reopening on October 17 with regular hours.
  • November 18: Closing at 3 p.m., Reopening on November 28 with regular hours.
  • December 7: Closing at 3 p.m., GRAND REOPENING on January 9.


  • October 12: Closing at 5 p.m., Reopening on October 17 with regular hours.
  • November 18: Closing at 5 p.m., Reopening on November 28 with regular hours.
  • December 7: Closing at 5 p.m., GRAND REOPENING on January 9.

Purchase a gift card!

Hiccup gift cards are available for purchase! Select a virtual card and amount of your choice. The recipient of the gift card will receive an email with the amount of the gift card and a code to use upon purchase. When you receive a gift card, make sure you keep track of the email with the code! When checking out with a barista, inform them of your code and they will do the rest.

Looking to get hired?

Hiring at The Hiccup takes place at the end of each semester. A campus-wide application will be sent out in which students will have the opportunity to apply. We hire at the end of each semester to secure our staff for the following semester. Since this job requires a certain skill set, we aim to hire people who will be able to work at The Hiccup for 2-3 years.

Things we look for in a Hiccup barista:

  • open availability, barista who can work a minimum of 6 hours weekly
  • coachability
  • good teamwork and communication skills
  • a friendly and welcoming demeanor

Things we will need from the applicant:

  • Availability for the upcoming semester
  • Their resume
  • Hiccup Application