General Rules – Asbury University
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General Rules

  1. You must present your membership/campus ID card in order to gain access to the facility.
  2. Clean non-marking athletic shoes must be worn in all areas of the facility. Shoes with debris, dirt or other outdoor material will no be permitted into the facility. No dress shoes, flip flops, cleats or roller blades will be permitted.
  3. A parent or legal guardian must accompany all children under the age of 16. The parent or guardian must participate with the underage child at all times.
  4. Proper attire includes t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, athletic shorts and sweatpants. Tank top undershirts and body suits (lycra or spandex as outerwear) are not acceptable. Jeans, “cutoffs” or other street clothes are not allowed in the activity areas.
  5. Food and drinks are allowed only in the lounge/concession areas of the Luce Center.
  6. Preschool children are welcome to visit the Luce Center with their partners or legal guardians. It is not acceptable for preschool children to be in the weight room or on the indoor track.
  7. Asbury University sponsored activities (academic classes, athletic practices/events, intramural events and community classes) take priority over general exercise and recreation. Certain areas of the Luce Center may, on occasion, be closed to general use.
  8. Anyone not adhering to these policies may be asked to leave the building or lose his or her priveledge to use the Luce Center. The facility coordinator or building supervisor will make such decisions when necessary.