General Information – Asbury University
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You must bring your current I.D. card each time you come to the Luce Center. Without it, you cannot use the facilities.  (Replacement fee for lost community/alum cards will be $10.00)

Who can use the facility?

Asbury University students, faculty/staff and faculty/staff families, alumni and community members who have current memberships may use the Luce Center. Memberships are available in semester packages or one prorated year (ending June 30)

What are the Luce Center’s membership hours?

See the Schedules page for open times. 

May I bring a guest?

All Luce Center community and alumni members over the age of 21 have the opportunity to bring guests. In order to gain access to the Center, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The member must register the guest upon entering the facility. All guests must complete a guest registration card and sign a liability waiver before utilizing any part of the facility.
  2. The cost for bringing a guest is $10 per day.
  3. Members are expected to accompany their guests in all areas of the facility.
  4. Members under the age of 21 are not allowed to bring guest to the facility.
  5. Children under the age of 18 cannot be admitted as guests of a current member UNLESS accompanied by a signed waiver BY THEIR OWN parent or guardian (waiver form available below)

Luce Guest Liability Waiver (.pdf)

Are towels and lockers/equipment available?

Lockers in specified locker rooms are available to authorized users and their guests. Locks are available upon request – personal locks are not allowed. Towel service is available for the pool and weight room. Basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls and walleyball equipment are available for use in the facility. To check out towels or equipment, you must leave your I.D. at the Control Desk. You are responsible for what you check out; loss or damage will result in a fee.

Luce Center Rules and Regulations

▾ General Rules

  1. You must present your membership/ID card in order to gain access to the facility
  2. Clean, non-marking athletic shoes are to be worn in all areas of the facility. Shoes with debris, dirt or other outdoor material will not be permitted into the Luce Center. No dress shoes, flip-flops, cleats or roller blades will be permitted.
  3. A parent or legal guardian must accompany all children under the age of 16. This requires the parent or guardian to participate with the underage child at all times.
  4. Proper attire is t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, athletic shorts, and sweatpants. Body suits (lycra shorts or tights as outerwear) and tank top undershirts are not acceptable attire. Jeans or other street clothes are not allowed in activity areas.
  5. No skateboards, roller blades, bicycles or other such sports equipment may be used in the building or on outside walkways and ramps.
  6. Pre-school children are welcome to visit the Luce Center with their parents to participate in family swim hours or to use the gymnasium. Other areas of the Luce Center are not appropriate for use by young children.
  7. Asbury University sponsored activities (academic classes, athletic practices/events, intramural events and community classes) take priority over general exercise and recreation. Occasionally, certain areas of the Luce Center may be closed to general use without notice to community members.
  8. All stakeholders of the Luce Center agree to create a family friendly environment and at all times show respect for other stakeholders, Luce Center Student Staff, and Asbury Athletics Staff.
  9. Anyone not adhering to these policies may be asked to leave the building and/or lose their privileges to use the Luce Center (membership termination). The Associate Athletics Director will make such decisions when necessary.

▾ Natatorium

  1. Swimming alone is prohibited. A lifeguard must be on duty at all times when the pool is in use.
  2. Anyone with a communicable disease, open wound or infection is not permitted in the pool. Swimming with bandages or adhesive tape on the body is not allowed.
  3. Outdoor footwear is not allowed in the pool area or on the pool deck.
  4. Pushing, horseplay, running or other hazardous play is prohibited.
  5. Spitting into or otherwise polluting the water is not allowed.
  6. Swim diapers are required for all children who are not toilet-trained.
  7. All swimmers must shower before entering the pool. Entrance to the pool area is to be made through the locker rooms only.
  8. No free-floating devices except teaching aids are permitted in the natatorium. Only equipment approved by the lifeguard is permitted in the pool; no masks, fins or snorkels (except in supervised situations or classes).
  9. All females must wear one-piece bathing suits.
  10. A parent or legal guardian must accompany all children under the age of 16. This requires the parent or guardian to participate with the underage child at all times.
  11. In the event of inclement weather (thunder or lightning) everyone will be removed from the pool area for 25 minutes

▾ Strength and Performance Room

  1. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the weight room at any time.
  2. A spotter is recommended when using the free weight equipment.
  3. Free weights and dumbbells should never be placed on upholstered benches or other equipment. Do not “drop” weight plates. Weights should not be thrown or dropped on benches or on the floor. Please put everything back in its proper place. Weights, plates or collars are not to be moved from their assigned locations.
  4. Items such as extra shoes, towels and warm-ups can be stored in the weight room cubicles. Day locks are available upon request.
  5. Only nylon weight belts are permitted on the Cybex machines.
  6. Body suits, biking shorts and tight clothing (lycra / spandex as outerwear) are not appropriate—modest dress only. Jeans, “cut-offs”, crop tops or other street clothes are not permitted.
  7. No strollers are permitted in the weight room.
  8. Please feel free to ask the supervisor on duty any questions concerning the equipment.

▾ Raquetball Courts

  1. An adult must accompany all children under the age of 16. This requires the parent or guardian to participate with the underage child at all times.
  2. Only blue racquetballs are to be used.
  3. For wallyball set-up, a court must be reserved in advance and notification must be given for court set-up.
  4. The Luce Center has a few racquets and racquetballs available for general use. There is a racquet use fee of $1.00/each.

▾ Main Gymnasium/Indoor Track

  1. No climbing, standing, sitting on indoor railing, walls or closed bleachers.
  2. The following may be played in the gymnasium: badminton, gymnastics, whiffle ball, basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer (felt ball only).
  3. Pre-schoolers are not permitted on the indoor track. Children ages 8 to 15 must stay with their parents.
  4. No strollers are allowed on the track.
  5. Shoes are required for use of the track. No bare feet.
  6. “Playing” is not allowed on the track
  7. Please observe any signs posted.

This information is provided for our member’s convenience and ease of use. It is not intended to be a complete statement of the rules and regulations of Asbury University’s Luce Physical Activities Center. Should it become necessary to modify any of our policies, new guidelines will be posted within the facility. Thank you for your cooperation.