Creation Care


Creation Care

In Spring Semester 2010, the Cornerstone Council was proud to announce the implementation of a campus-wide Paper Recycling Initiative at Asbury.  Campus trash audits had shown that paper was the most significant source of waste on the Asbury Campus.  In an effort to promote stewardship of resources and creation, the goal of this initiative was to reduce this paper waste.  The Cornerstone Council also hoped this would begin to help the community to understand the value in being more conscientious of creation stewardship in general, and specifically the use of paper.

The success of this initiative helped to determine the future steps to implement the institutionally-backed recycling of other materials on campus.  In Spring Semester 2011, the Recycling Program expanded to include other recyclable materials such as plastics, glass, and aluminum. At the end of 2011, over 37,000 pounds of recyclable materials were collected in only 12 months.  That's over 18 tons of materials diverted from landfills!

Recycling Report



% decrease
from 2008

2008 61.34
2009 57.59 6.11%  
2010 54.17 11.69%

paper recycling began
Spring 2010

2011 45.28 26.18% full recycling begin
Spring 2011


Food Waste:

As of Spring Semester 2010, the Cornerstone Project was also proud to announce the implementation of a Tray-less Initiative in our cafeteria.  The washing of trays accounted for a significant amount of the water usage in the cafeteria wash line.  Reducing the use of this water has environmental and financial benefits.  Additionally, it is believed that this initiative has significantly reduced the amount of food wasted each day in the cafeteria as people become more conscientious of what they are taking to eat.  It is also hoped that if significant savings are realized through this initiative that some of that money can be moved into improved food quality and services in the cafeteria.

Water Usage:

In Fall 2009, the Residence Life Department switched from standard washers (12 lbs laundry/30 gal water) to efficiency washers (20 lbs laundry/15 gal water) in all dorms to reduce both water usage and energy usage (approx. $7–10,000/year of energy savings).

Reduction of Plastics:

Beginning with the Fall 2009 semester, reusable aluminum water bottles are destriubted to all students during New Student Orientation.  The purpose is to encourage the reduction of use of disposable pastics, as well as encourage healthy nourishment of the body.

Reduction of Non-Biodegradables:

In Spring 2010, reusable “to go” containers were purchased and made available to the campus community for carry-out meals from the cafeteria.  This eliminated the use and disposal of 3000 non-biodegradable styrofoam containers each week.


"The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it."
(Psalm 24:1 NIV)