Chapel at Asbury University

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One of the rich traditions of Asbury University is to provide an opportunity for our campus community to gather together to hear from God and to worship corporately. Therefore, we place a high priority on chapel as a mandatory opportunity for student spiritual formation. Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning of the semester at 10:00 am in Hughes Auditorium, we sing, pray, and hear the Word of God proclaimed.




Chapel Initiative Proposal

Experience Spirituality at Asburystudents in chapel

Asbury University stands in the Wesleyan theological tradition - believing that an act of God’s grace upon which one receives the offer of salvation through the sacrificial life of Jesus Christ can indeed transform a human heart in such a way that through His mercy they can experience holiness of life, have a heart that exhibits His love, and become an agent of His grace for the advancement of God's Kingdom here on earth. Feel free to Click here for a quick video in which our faculty, staff and students speak of the transformative power of God at Asbury University.

Asbury University's Cornerstone Project is based upon four Cornerstones: Scripture, Holiness, Stewardship and Mission. The Cornerstone Project impacts the campus’s academic, spiritual, and residence life. Included in this Project are learning outcomes, how these outcomes will be assessed, and how the results of this assessment will be used in program supervision and improvement.