While discipleship is intertwined with all expressions of campus life at Asbury, we have several things we do very intentionally to give students entry points for new growth. An entry point for students living on campus is Koinonias. A Spiritual Life Assistant on every floor of every resident hall provides a weekly time for students to gather and worship as a floor.

Another entry point for all students is Covenant Group Discipleship. These gatherings are led by staff, faculty, seminary students or other students. Covenant Groups are devoted to doing life together by engaging: Scripture, prayer, and intentional community. Each group is unique with its own identity and purpose based on the interest and need of the students. Commitment to the covenant of the group is based on a common purpose, accountability, confidentiality, and participation.

In addition to Covenant Group Discipleship, we also offer one-on-one Spiritual Mentoring. The role of a Spiritual Mentor is to “provide modeling, close supervision on special projects, individualized help in many areas--discipline, encouragement, correction, confrontation and a calling to accountability." Staff, faculty, seminary students, and community members comprise our list of available Spiritual Mentors. Spiritual Mentoring relationships are devoted to doing life together by engaging: Scripture, prayer and intentional relationships.

Every discipleship moment at Asbury is a reflection of Acts 2 - being together for prayer, conversation, and encountering Scripture. When Asbury students enter these discipleship moments, they grow in holiness, stewardship, and mission.