Traditional Undergraduate Admissions


Prospective students and their families are strongly encouraged to visit.  This provides an opportunity to explore the campus and meet the people who make Asbury University unique.  The Admissions Office offers a variety of scheduled campus visitation days or will design an individual visit based on the needs and interests of the prospective student. 

Individual or group visits may be scheduled by contacting the Admissions Office at 1-800-888-1818 or 1-859-858-3511, ext. 2374, weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The office may also be reached by e-mail at: or by FAX at 859-858-3921.  Visits may also be scheduled online at .  Directions to the campus, hotel and restaurant information along with sites of local interest are available upon request. 


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Asbury University has a rolling admission policy.  Applications for admission are accepted throughout the calendar year.  Students are encouraged to apply for admission at the earliest possible date.  An early application for admission provides optimal opportunity for financial aid awards, course selection, and campus housing.  High school students are encouraged to apply in the fall of their senior year and may apply during the spring of their junior year of high school.  Applications are accepted for the fall, spring, or summer semesters. 



To obtain application materials and information, contact the Admissions Office by phone, 1-800-888-1818 or 1-859-858-3511; e-mail,; FAX, 859-858-3921; or online at .  Completed materials may be mailed to:

Undergraduate Admissions

Asbury University

One Macklem Drive

Wilmore, Kentucky 40390



The following are needed to complete the application process:

1. Application for admission

2. Official test scores from the (SAT) Scholastic Assessment Test of the College Examination Board  or (ACT) American College Testing Program Assessment - required of all freshman class applicants and transfers who have earned less than 30 hours of College credit.  Asbury University’s SAT University code number, 1019, should be placed on the examination for the official reporting of the scores. The ACT University code number is 1486.

If five or more years have passed since high school graduation, this requirement may not be applicable.

 Information regarding registration, test dates, and location may be obtained from a high school guidance counselor, the Asbury University Admissions Office, or from the following:

College Board (SAT),  PO Box 6200, Princeton, New Jersey 08541 or

American College Testing Program (ACT), 2201 N. Dodge Street, PO Box 451, Iowa City, Iowa 52243 or

3. An official high school transcript sent directly from the school or test scores from the General Educational Development Test (GED) sent directly from the testing agency are required of all applicants to the freshman class and transfer students who have earned fewer than 30 semester hours of University credit. 

High school transcripts (Public, Private, and Home School) To be considered official, a transcript must include: full name of student; birth date; home address; high school name; high school address; high school telephone number; indication of whether public, private, or homeschool; cumulative grade point average; grade 12 final grades; and the high school graduation date (not the date the transcript was issued).  

High School Transcripts are evaluated on a four‑point scale [A (4.0), B (3.0), C (2.0), D (1.0), F (0.0)]. The cumulative point standing based on this evaluation should be 2.50 or above. Variation from this scale is granted only when the transcript specifies a different evaluation.  Weighted averages are taken into account for admission and for scholarships.

Home school Transcripts - Candidates to the freshman class or transfer students with fewer than 30 semester hours of University credit who have completed any portion of their secondary education through home schooling are required to provide certification of completion of a home schooling program and documentation of all course work completed.

NOTE: Official, final high school transcripts are required for varsity athletic participation,   including home schools.  [Home school students seeking to participate in intercollegiate athletics will need additional documentation from their home state.  NAIA policy states: “Home school students must receive a certificate (or equivalent) granted by the state verifying successful completion of home schooling requirement.. ”]

4. An official transcript from each college and university attended should be sent directly from the institution to the Asbury University Admissions Office.  This does include transcripts from the college attended for any dual credit courses taken during high school.  These classes cannot transfer from the high school transcript.

College Transcripts are evaluated on a four–point scale [A (4.0), B (3.0), C (2.0), D (1.0), F (0.0)]. The cumulative point standing based on this evaluation should be 2.50 or above.

5. A signed and completed Christian Character Recommendation Form is strongly recommended. The Admissions office reserves the right to require a recommendation in order to make an admission decision.

6. A personal interview and/or references may be required of selected candidates.

7. To be considered for full admission in good standing, applicants must supply evidence of likely success as an Asbury University student.

 [ALL TRANSCRIPTS, whether high school or University, must be sent directly from that institution to the Admissions Office of Asbury University.  Hand‑carried transcripts may be used for evaluation.  They are NOT acceptable as final, official transcripts.]

NOTE: further requirements below for international applications



Admission As A New Freshman

To be admitted as a freshman, an applicant must submit:

  • An academic record indicating graduation from high school with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) or completion of the GED.
  • An SAT combined score (Critical Reading and Math) of at least 1020 or an ACT composite score of at least 22.
  • Applicants should have completed a University preparatory curriculum including:

               English - four years including one year of Composition

               Mathematics - three to four years including Algebra

               Social Studies - two years including one year of History

               Laboratory Science - two to three years

               Foreign Language - two years of the same language


Admission As A Transfer Student

A student who has earned at least 12 semester hours of academic credit at another college or university as a full time student following graduation from high school may apply for admission as a transfer student.

  • To be admitted as a transfer student, an applicant must submit an official academic record indicating a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) from each college or university attended.
  • No more than 60 semester hours of credit can be transferred in from a two-year college and no more than 75 semester hours of credit can be transferred in from a four-year college or university.
  • Applicants with fewer than 30 semester hours of college credit should also submit a high school academic transcript indicating a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) and a SAT combined score of at least 1020 or an ACT composite score of at least 22.


Re-Admission As A Former Student

Former Asbury University students who have withdrawn from the University or have failed to maintain continuous enrollment may apply for re-admission. Students applying for re-admission must submit:

  • A completed Asbury University Application for Re-admission.
  • An official transcript of all post-secondary grades and course work from all institutions attended since the last Asbury University enrollment.

To be re-admitted, an applicant must be in good standing academically, socially and financially at Asbury University. An applicant not in good standing in one or more of these categories will be referred to the Admissions Review Committee for consideration.


Admission As An International Student

International students applying for admission to Asbury University as a freshman or a transfer student must:

  • Complete an Asbury University application for admission.
  • Submit authenticated copies of all secondary and post-secondary academic records to the Office of Admissions through the World Education Services credential services clearinghouse. Applicants must order the WES ICAP (International Credential Advantage Package) evaluation package and verified transcript, and must request a Course-By-Course Report. (BASIC evaluation packages and Document-By-Document Reports will not be acceptable.) When completing the application, Asbury University must be selected as a recipient institution. Applicants may access this service and submit a U.S. Credential Evaluation Application at Applicants are responsible for paying the Credential Services Fee of $195 USD for the WES ICAP Course-By-Course Evaluation, as well as the appropriate delivery fee ($7 USD for standard delivery for each recipient) to the World Education Services through the above website. NOTE: Fees are not refundable and are subject to change. Under certain circumstances, additional administrative fees may be charged.
  • Submit an official score report of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). International students must present a minimum score of 80 on the internet-based TOEFL or 550 on the paper-based TOEFL before they can be admitted. If the applicant is a native speaker of English and is a citizen of Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the British West Indies, SAT or ACT scores are required instead of the TOEFL. If the applicant has studied as a full-time student in one of the countries mentioned above within the last two years (or at a school where English is the language used in classroom teaching), has taken at least one English class with a grade of B or better, and has a good academic record at the school attended, he or she has the option to submit SAT or ACT scores instead of a TOEFL score. Information on this test can be obtained at the following website: Asbury University’s TOEFL school code is 1019.
  • Submit a signed and completed Christian Character Reference form.
  • Present evidence of adequate financial support by submission of the Asbury University Statement of Financial Responsibility form. Applicants must also submit a certified bank document verifying a current balance in USD.
  • Submit a tuition deposit equal to one semester of full-time tuition, fees, room, & board less financial aid. This substantial deposit provides for the student’s first semester cost of attendance at Asbury University and must be submitted in full before an I-20 document may be created and sent to the student. International students do not have to submit the $200 pre-tuition deposit.


Admission As A Non-Degree Seeking Student

Students who are not seeking a degree or who are enrolled in another institution and wish to take a course from Asbury University may apply. Students who wish to maintain non-degree seeking student status may accumulate up to 12 semester hours over no more than two semesters. Non-degree seeking student applicants must have completed a secondary school or hold a General Educational Development Test Certificate. In either case, the applicant must submit appropriate verification of his or her status. Applicants must be in good standing academically, socially, and financially from all prior institutions attended. Applicants not in good standing in any of these categories will be referred to the Admissions Review Committee for evaluation.

A non-degree seeking applicant must submit:

  • A completed non-degree seeking student application for Admission.
  • An official high school transcript or GED if holding less than 30 semester hours from institutions of higher learning.
  • Official academic transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended.

Non-degree seeking students may be admitted as:

a. Post-Baccalaureate: Students who hold a bachelor’s degree and are earning further credits toward teacher certification or to complete an additional major.

b. Special: (1) students taking courses for personal interest or development, or (2) Students who may not meet admissions requirements but have been admitted by special action of the Director of Admissions and/or the Admissions Review Committee for a specific period of time.

c. Auditor: Students attending non-activity courses for personal enrichment and not for academic credit may refer to Auditing Courses policy under the Academic Policies section of this Bulletin. Only lecture-type courses or the lecture part of laboratory courses may be audited. Activity courses may not be audited.



Each candidate for admission is reviewed individually with careful consideration given to academic records, test scores, application essays, references and the ability to benefit from and contribute to the opportunities offered at Asbury University.  Asbury University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, age, national or ethnic origin, or handicap in the admission of students, in its educational policies or in its activities. In addition, Asbury University does not discriminate on the basis of religion in the admission of students and in student access to educational programs. Asbury University reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant when that decision is determined to be in the best interest of the student or the institution.

When a candidate has completed the application process, one of the following decisions will be made:

  • Admission in Good Standing
  • Conditional Admission. Applicants who fail to meet the minimum admission criteria may, in some instances, be granted conditional admission. Students granted conditional admission are usually subject to provisions designed to promote academic achievement. These provisions may include a reduction in course load, limitation of extra-curricular activities, and/or enrollment in specific classes or support programs.
  • Provisional Admission. In some cases, students will be given provisional admission based on self-reported information or unofficial documents pending receipt of official documentation to complete their application file. Students will be required to complete and sign a provisional admission agreement that confirms self-reported information and provides a deadline for the submission of official documents. If official documentation arrives in the time period outlined in the agreement, and is consistent with prior information, the student will be granted admission in good standing or conditional admission. If official documentation fails to arrive in the time period allowed, the student faces the potential of immediate suspension and, in any event, will not be allowed to register for the next semester.
  • Denied Admission. The Director of Admissions may deny admission to any student whose academic records and standardized test scores indicate little likelihood of academic success at Asbury University. Asbury University also reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant when that decision is determined to be in the best interest of the student or the institution. An applicant who has been denied admission has the right to appeal that decision in writing to the Admissions Review Committee provided the applicant can present relevant additional information in support of his or her application.


Candidates for admission who have completed the application process will receive written notification of their admissions status. Information on the following will be included in this communication:

  • A pre-tuition deposit of $200.00 is required of all full-time, non-international students in order to confirm intention for enrollment. Pre-tuition payments for the fall semester are refundable until May 1 and until December 1 for the spring semester.
  • A completed Asbury University Report of Medical History and Physical is required and due by August 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester.
  • A completed Handbook Affirmation Form is required and due by August 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester.
  • An official, final high school transcript is required for candidates to the freshman class by August 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester.
  • An official, final transcript of all post-secondary work completed by applicants admitted as transfer students is required by August 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester.



Admission as a High School Senior for dual credit

Asbury Academy is an “Early Access to University” program for high school seniors. This program provides opportunities for high school seniors to take general education requirements at the University level (100- and 200-level courses), enabling them to complete their senior year of high school and earn University credit through dual enrollment. Students may participate in Asbury Academy during either both the fall and spring semesters (not during summer).



Asbury University offers Asbury Academy on campus to local students. High school seniors may take four (4) free credit hours each semester of their senior year. Additional courses may be taken at 50% of the regular tuition rate (see Fees and Expenses in this Bulletin). On campus students choose from over 80 course offerings in the 100 and 200 level classes. On Campus Academy students must be able to provide their own transportation.  



Building on the success of our on campus dual enrollment program, Asbury Academy now has a growing list of courses available online. The online classes are offered in an 8 week intensive format. Due to the concentrated nature of these classes, a student may only be enrolled in one online course at a time. Academy students may take two consecutive online courses each semester.  The online classes are offered at a special reduced tuition charge for Asbury Academy Online students (see Fees and Expenses in this Bulletin).  



1. A completed application.

2. An official high school transcript showing a weighted cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher

[Please note: Students should submit a high school transcript with final junior year grades that indicates their senior status prior to Asbury Academy orientation.]  

3. Official examination scores from the ACT or SAT may be required for admittance to ENG OR MAT classes:

  • ENG 100 Introduction to Composition - ACT English 17 / SAT Critical Reading 340
  • ENG 110 Exposition and Research -  ACT English 22 / SAT Critical Reading 510
  • ENG 151 Advanced Exposition and Research -  ACT English 27 / SAT Critical Reading 660
  • MAT 120 Concepts of Mathematics and Technology - ACT Math 22 / SAT Math 510
  • MAT 131 Finite Mathematics for Business - ACT Math 22 / SAT 510

4. Recommendation from a high school counselor for public or private school students, or from an adult who can speak to your character (i.e. church leader, employer, etc.) for home schooled students

5. Written permission from a parent to enroll in the program

6.(Proof of medical insurance or emergency contacts for on campus applicants)

7. Signed Master Promissory Note. The Master Promissory Note covers additional fees such as lab fees, library fines, parking passes, etc. (The Promissory Note is mailed to the student with his or her acceptance letter.)

Asbury Academy Admission Procedures:

Applications and other required information should be submitted to the Asbury University Admissions Office.

Applications for the Fall and Spring semesters can be submitted up to one week prior to the first day of class, but students who apply early are more likely to enroll in the class of their choice.

A required orientation day for Asbury Academy students taking on campus classes will be scheduled one week prior to the first day of classes for the Fall and Spring semesters.


Contact Kim Okesson, Asbury Academy Coordinator with questions or for more information. or (859) 858-3511, ext. 2506


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