Prof. Emeritus Introduces New Essay Collection

Dr. Vic Hamilton wrote an introduction for a collection of essays about Genesis 1-2.
Dr. Vic Hamilton wrote an introduction for a collection of essays about Genesis 1-2.

Dr. Victor Hamilton, professor emeritus of Old Testament at Asbury University, recently wrote an introduction for a book entitled "Reading Genesis 1-2: An Evangelical Conversation," published by Hendrickson (2013).

The book is the product of a symposium, which Hamilton chaired, on the subject in 2011. The bulk of the book is essays by five evangelical OT scholars on how they read Genesis 1-2, with a response to each essay by the other four essayists.

“Interestingly, no one interpreter reads these two chapters in exactly the same way, although each claims a classical understanding of and commitment to the full divine inspiration of Scripture,” said Hamilton. “For some contributors this means only a very literal interpretation of Genesis 1-2 is possible. For other contributors this commitment to a classical view of Scripture's divine origins still allows, even demands, a more literary and less literal understanding of Genesis 1-2.

The back cover of the text highlights these few sentences from Hamilton’s introduction: "A community of believers tries, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to come to an understanding of a scriptural position or passage by thinking together, talking and dialoguing together, praying together, and by agreeing to disagree agreeably if need be. The title of the Bryan Institute symposium which produced this collection of essays was ‘Reading Genesis 1-2: An Evangelical Conversation.’ To which I say, let the conversation continue."

To read a Q&A in the Spring 2012 Ambassador about Hamilton’s memories as a professor and Old Testament scholarship, click here.

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