Crime Reports

This is a list of all crimes that have occurred on campus or on any contiguous public property during the previous twelve months. Click on "Details" to view specific information related to a particular incident.

Asbury University Crime Log

Date Category Location Details
09/09/2014 Theft On Campus [Details]
09/04/2014 Vandalism On Campus [Details]
05/27/2014 Burglary On Campus [Details]
05/12/2014 Burglary On Campus [Details]
04/28/2014 Theft On Campus [Details]
04/04/2014 Theft On Campus [Details]
03/14/2014 Theft On Campus [Details]
03/14/2014 Theft On Campus [Details]
01/20/2014 Burglary On Campus [Details]
11/25/2013 Theft On Campus [Details]
10/14/2013 Vandalism On Campus [Details]
10/03/2013 Theft On Campus [Details]