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Student Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

▾ How do I find a student job?

  • Check the on-campus job postings. Please check the list of jobs on this page regularly and check your University email for information related to job openings.
  • Visit campus departments. Stop by campus departments where you are interested in working and ask department supervisors about job availability. Talk to the supervisors and let them know the hours you are available to work.

If you are having trouble finding a campus job, please remember to check the list of campus job openings on this page regularly, as we frequently update it.

▾ When do I become eligible for student employment?

Eligibility for student employment begins with the academic term immediately prior to the first semester of enrollment and ends the term immedi- ately following active enrollment.

▾ How much do I get paid?

Most student workers are paid minimum wage. Some student jobs are paid above minimum wage based on job requirements.

▾ How do I get paid?

Asbury University delivers student refunds and payroll with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc.  For more information, visit this link:

To view our third-party servicer contract for refund management, click here.

▾ When do I get paid?

Students are paid every two weeks. View a list of pay dates.

▾ Do student wages get applied to my student account?

No. Wages will be direct deposited to your personal bank account. Please refer to Student Accounts regarding payment options.

▾ What is College Work Study Program (CWSP)?

  • Federal College Work Study is awarded to eligible students by the Financial Aid Office. Your financial need determines your eligibility. Because of this need, departments are asked to give preference to CWSP students in the hiring process if possible.
  • CWSP money is paid to you and is not applied to your bill directly.
  • CWSP jobs are not guaranteed. However, the HR Office can assist you in finding a job.

▾ Where is the Human Resources Office located?

The Human Resources Office is located in the Hager Administration Building, on the second floor, in room 208.