We want each student to grow and develop to their fullest potential. That’s why we have a variety of leadership opportunities available year-round. We know learning happens within and outside the classroom, and these leadership opportunities can provide incredible possibilities for students to grow and impact others during their time at Asbury and beyond graduation. Anyone can get involved at Asbury - click the links below for more information on how to make your mark and impact the world:

Student Government


Participant in LEAD-ON! - By simply signing up and attending LEAD-ON! sponsored activities or workshops, students will have a file in a database set up in theStudent Development Office that will track their progress in the program.

LEAD-ON! Steering Committee Member - (scholarship position) - A small committee of students is selected each year to help give direction to the LEAD-ON! program and make sure that the mission of the leadership program is being met. Students help plan activities, market the program and provide direction to outreach leadership activities. The committee members' individual leadership development is also a key component of this group.


For more information and questions, please contact:

Paul Stephens
Associate Dean for Student Leadership Development
859-848-3511, x2117
FL 105