Youth Intern

Religious Organization/Clergy
Company Name: 
Delhi International Christian Fellowship (DICF)
18 Anand Lok, August Kranti Marg
New Delhi, India
Contact Person: 
Pastor Phil Oswald
Contact E-mail Address:
Contact Phone Number: 
(916) 6066968
We are currently looking for two youth interns. One for Middle School and another for High School students. They would be led and cared for by a staff person within our fellowship. Thousands of expat students of middle school or high school age call Delhi home. DICF’s mission is to go beyond just reaching and caring for adults. We believe ministries to students may be the most strategic initiative for Christ’s kingdom we could undertake for several reasons. First, these students have so much of their lives still ahead of them. Another is that their unique living and learning experiences prepare them for future transnational places of leadership. And last, because they are steeped in such a pluralistic world, if we can help them own and integrate their faith here in this complex work, it will prepare them for wherever God takes them next. We know our interns would be investing a year of their lives. Since DICF is not a wealthy church, we enter into a partnership with our interns. What DICF covers…  Housing  Health insurance/emergency evacuation if needed  Out-of-pocket ministry expenses and transportation What Interns must cover through fund-raising or personal resources…  Air travel to and from India  Meals and incidentals  Personal shopping
Here are the requirements for at least upper division or college graduates.  Loves God, His Word, and His World  Wants to use their gifts for Christ’s kingdom outside their home country  Adventurous, flexible, gracious, and can laugh  Emotionally mature, relationally above reproach  Great work ethic & self-starter  Teachable, truthful, and keeps commitments
Application Instructions: 
Please send an email to to the attention of Pastor Phil Oswald and request an application for youth intern. If you have any questions, please email or call +91-7042161295. (the phone number above is not valid... only used for filling out this form)