Northview Kids Internship/Special Needs Ministry

Company Name: 
Northview Church
12900 Hazel Dell Parkway
Contact Person: 
Kurt Brodbeck
Contact E-mail Address:
Contact Phone Number: 
(317) 8562884
Purpose of the Job Northview Kids Interns will spend 12 weeks assisting Area Coordinators (Early Childhood, Elementary or GraceWorks) with mid-week preparation for weekend services and during weekend services, in order to learn what’s involved in putting together a successful weekend for both the children participating in various age groups and the volunteers who put all of the planning into action. Interns will also assist with additional preparation needed for summer events (Family Camp Out, SpringHill Day Camps, and any other event that may occur). Essential Job Responsibilities Administrative Responsibilities: • Provide basic support in preparing weekend materials (copying, etc.) • Participate in modifying curriculum for the special needs classroom. • Be involved in creating, modifying and distributing weekly and monthly volunteer schedules. • Assist in maintaining informational profiles on both children involved in the program and volunteers who serve. • Participate in planning for program growth and special events. Leadership Responsibilities • Lead or co-Lead a small group during weekend service • Lead and manage a team of volunteers during weekend services. • Co-lead a respite event.
Requirements w Attend weekly CM Staff Meetings (Tuesdays, 10am-Noon) – 2hrs w Attend weekly Intern Meetings (Thursdays, 12:15pm-1:30pm) – 1.25hrs w Attend monthly All Staff Meetings (1st Thursday of each month, 8am-10:30am) – 2.5hrs w Attend weekend services (Saturday 4-7pm, Sunday 8-1pm) – 8hrs w Attend Respite events once a month. (4th Friday of every month 2 – 10pm) – 8hrs Desired Spiritual Gifts w Administration w Leadership w Teaching w Compassion/Mercy
Application Instructions: 
Resume and cover letter.