Use Your Degree Overseas

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6736 Regent Ave North
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Jennifer Rasmussen
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(623) 9867370
GoCorps is an on-ramp for Christian twenty-somethings to use their degree globally for two years. We mobilize Goers to serve using their skill-sets and interests among the least reached and those in extreme poverty through ten tracks of service: Agriculture-Environment, Business-Leadership, Compassion-Justice, Engineering, Media-Arts, Medical, Sports, Storying-Linguistics, Teaching and University Outreach. GoCorps partners with leading missions organizations. Together we work to address the common barriers that often keep recent grads from serving overseas. We offer loan forgiveness, a 6 month launch window and all organizations use one application form and one website. GoCorps provides you the opportunity to use your degree and integrate your faith in a way that allows you to gain global work experience, learn a new language and culture and serve those with the greatest need of the gospel.
Here are some things to help you determine if you’re pre-qualified to be a GoCorps Goer: *I have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and have a Christ-centered worldview and lifestyle. *I will be a college graduate or have equivalent work/education experience by GoWeek (end of May). *I am able to start will full-time pre-field prep in June. *I am regularly active in a church. *I am ready for a faith adventure. *I am ready to learn and serve. *I have skills or background that fit one of the GoCorps tracks of service. *I am ready to take initiative and be flexible. *I am ready for a two-year placement overseas. *I wouldn't mind $5000 for my student loans.
Application Instructions: 
To apply: Go to the website, and click on the “Apply” tab at the top of the page.