Resident Advisor for the Governor's School for Entrepreneurs

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Kentucky Science & Technology Corporation
200 W. Vine Street
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Christine Wildes
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(859) 2463229
Each resident advisor will be responsible for supervising the residential life of approximately 15-20 students, and should be able to relate activities to the core mission of the GSE program. Some specific duties of RAs include: 1. To develop and maintain an ongoing relationship with students. 2. To initiate contacts, stimulate conversation and excitement among students, to assist in supervision of field trips and to otherwise be involved on an “as needed” basis. 3. To review the general problems and responsibilities of group living with students and to provide advice concerning personal and social adjustments to residential life. 4. To be a resource person and referral agent in regard to health services, student activities, recreation choices and counseling services. 5. To attend all staff meetings and a mandatory weekend training and planning session the week prior to opening day. 6. To report regularly any general problems or concerns with students’ residential life, any damage to the dorm or public facilities, to be aware of non-residents who make unauthorized use of the campus, and to be responsive to other regulations and responsibilities as designated by the Program Manager of GSE.
Resident Advisors will be paid minimum wage ($7.25) and will be provided a room and all meals at no cost. Over time will be involved. Every Resident Advisor will be on duty every day including during weekends with a total of two days off. The most concentrated time for duty will be evenings and again from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. RAs will be “on call” throughout the night from midnight to 7:00 am. RAs are encouraged to spend day time hours joining in with the activities, lectures, field trips etc. as well, in order to build closer relationships with the participants.
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