Community organizer for social change

Company Name: 
The Direct Action and Research Training Center (DART)
214A Morgan Street NW
District Of Columbia
Contact Person: 
Hannah Wittmer
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Contact Phone Number: 
(785) 4389808
The DART Center is hiring full-time community organizers for positions beginning June 16, 2014. Positions are available in Charleston, SC, Topeka, KS, Evansville, IN, Louisville, KY and Daytona Beach, St. Petersburg, Ft. Myers, Jacksonville, Lakeland, and Tampa, FL. In order to build power for justice in their local communities, these DART organizers will: -Build relationships of trust among clergy and lay leaders from diverse backgrounds, and deepen their participation in the work of the organization -Train clergy and lay leaders in basic organizing skills, guide them in setting realistic yet challenging goals for their participation, and hold them accountable for fulfilling those commitments -Research viable solutions to community problems that will lead to larger organization-wide engagement -Organize turnout for an annual Direct Action where 1,000+ people are mobilized to challenge public officials to implement the identified solutions -Ensure financial sustainability by ensuring timely dues collection among member congregations, and annually coordinating a major 6-8 week investment drive -Recruit at least two new congregations into the organization annually
Although it may be helpful, no direct experience is necessary. Organizers in the DART network must demonstrate a desire to pursue community organizing as a long-term professional career. Candidates must have a college degree or be graduating prior to June 2014. Candidates must be driven to produce sustained results and feel comfortable working with religious institutions. Candidates must also have proven capacity to: build relationships of trust, create and execute a plan, act professionally, be accountable and willing to hold others accountable, demonstrate disciplined thought and action, and work in a team setting. Applicants must also have access to a car, and must be willing to live and work in a city where DART has an organization. Fluency in Spanish or Creole is a plus, and people of color are encouraged to apply.
Application Instructions: 
To find out more about DART or to apply, send your resume to Hannah Wittmer at You can also learn more at our website,