Arts Administrative Intern

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Christian Performing Artists' Fellowship
1001 College Ave
Winona Lake
Contact Person: 
Patrick Kavanaugh
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Contact Phone Number: 
(888) 8362723
Job Descriptions The positions listed below are typically available each year, but are filled on an as-needed basis. Therefore, not all of these positions may be filled during a given year. Experience in administration (or one of the positions below) is preferred. Alumni Relations MasterWorks is an international performing arts festival, and we currently have over 2,000 faculty and alumni from all over the world. The goal of the Alumni Relations Intern is to keep the MasterWorks community updated and connected. Tasks include, but are not limited to: updating the data files for alumni and faculty, overseeing some social media for alumni and faculty, contributing blog material, and being creative about how to stay unified. The Alumni Relations Intern should be organized, detail-oriented, and creatively skilled in communications in person, over the phone, and through various media. Community Relations An important aspect of CPAF’s ministry is serving the Winona Lake/Warsaw/Kosciusko County community. The tasks of this intern include administrating the Second Sunday Concert Series and the CPAF volunteer program while also acquiring advertisements for the MasterWorks program booklet. The Community Relations Intern must work well with people of all ages, be detail-oriented, be able to organize events, and be creative in finding ways to involve and show appreciation to the people who support this ministry locally. Graphic Design The Graphic Design Intern has the job of assisting the Communications Director in keeping CPAF’s visual image appealing to its target audience – the classical performing arts world. This includes developing advertising materials for the MasterWorks Festival and its individual programs; updating photography archive files; ensuring brand consistency; and generating posters and/or brochures as needed. This intern should be comfortable working in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Serif PagePlus programs and have a working knowledge of design concepts for print and web. He or she should be organized, able to work on a time table, and able to think creatively. He or she must also be comfortable under the guidance and critique of the Communications Director. Marketing and Publicity Working with both the MasterWorks Festival Administrator and the Communications Director, this intern is responsible for publicizing MasterWorks and CPAF content throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa. The challenges of this position include being able to give extensive coverage to both the performing arts world and the Christian community while working within a limited budget. This intern needs to think creatively and prudently while communicating ideas to others and networking both in-person and online. Ministries The Ministries Intern is CPAF’s liaison to Christians who are investing in the lives of performing artists worldwide. This job includes connecting with Bible study leaders, prayer groups, and fellowships throughout the performing arts world as well as prayer walks, recitals which share the Gospel, recital reception services, or other friendship evangelism project – most of which are connected to MasterWorks alumni or faculty in some way. This intern needs to be enthusiastic about our faith in Christ, creative with service-based evangelism, and willing to try new ideas – a self-starter. Research and Tech The Research/Tech Intern has diverse duties. He or she works closely with the Executive Director to research needs and demographics of the multi-faceted classical performing arts communities around the world. Additionally, this intern works with the Production Director to edit videos and maintain media archives. Applicants for this position should have good administrative skills, be creative, and enjoy research. Experience with video editing is helpful but can be acquired on the job. Writing and Publications The Writing/Publications Intern works with the Communications Director to create and proof written materials and publications to promote interest in MasterWorks and CPAF. Tasks include creatively writing/editing inspirational and practical articles for the MasterWorks Blog, office manuals, publicity materials for mailings, reports and letters, website updates, and festival program notes.
Candidates must have completed a 4-year college degree. We are seeking interns who are energetic, positive, fun-loving, and highly motivated. They should be self-starters and able to work diligently without constant supervision. Furthermore, they must be team players who can work well with colleagues without friction. In short, we want fantastic young people who love the Lord and would work wholeheartedly in our ministry to the performing arts world.
Application Instructions: 
Request an application by emailing or by calling 888-836-2723.