Director of Church Finance and Business Administration

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1st United Methodist Church
200 W. High Street
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Lu-Ann Farrar
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(859) 2330545
Director of Church Finance and Business Administration Supervisor: Senior Pastor Salary: As recommended by the Senior Pastor and approved by SPRC General Description: The Director of Church Finance and Business Administration provides leadership and oversight support to all financial and business operations for the church. This leader is responsible for planning, instituting and executing a sound system of fiscal operations and financial stewardship management, budgeting and reporting. In addition, this leader will serve as a business analyst for reviewing and evaluating best practices in pursuit of a vision of systems management that provides for real-time, online data functionality in support of all church programs. The Director of Church Finance and Business Administration provides direct support to the Finance Committee, Administrative Board, and the Board of Trustees. This leader also serves as advisory support to the Staff Parish Relations Committee. Responsibilities, Financial 1) Oversees the work of the church financial secretary and treasurer in the receipt, deposit and disbursement of all church funds. Reconcile account ledgers as required on a monthly basis providing reports for staff review. 2) With the treasurer, establishes and maintains a financial records and reporting system. 3) Oversees purchase orders and service contracts; provide for the processing of church invoices with accountability for approval and account numbers from appropriate church staff. 4) Oversees the preparation of monthly financial reports to ministries and committees. 5) Maintains a proper cash flow control to meet all financial obligations. 6) Evaluate business practices of the church and provide for innovative solutions when appropriate. 7) Works with the committee on finance and pastoral team to prepare an annual budget for approval by the Administrative Council, and implements it upon approval. 8) Works with the committee on finance, stewardship team, and any capital campaign teams in planning and promoting the annual stewardship campaign and any capital campaigns. 9) Works with the committee on finance and Administrative Council to obtain or restructure long or short-term debt financing. 10) Obtains an annual audit or review of the church’s financial statements. 11) Assures all tax reports are promptly paid and timely filed. 12) Attend all Finance Committee and Vision Team meetings; assist SPRC as needed. 13) Oversee all church insurance policies, acquisition and claims reporting. 14) Maintain current information on all laws/regulations pertaining to church property, equipment and vehicles. 15) Assess and manage all information and processing of employee benefits. Responsibilities, Other: 1) Facilitate the planning and implementation of software solutions to manage church functions such as online giving, social networking, attendance tracking, mass emailing and event planning. 2) Personnel management: New employee orientation and departing employee issues 3) Oversees the maintenance of all office equipment and computer systems. 4) Oversees the work of the church property manager or management group in property maintenance, security, and development and administration of policies and procedures concerning the use of all church properties and facilities, including the parking lot. 5) Communicate
Requirements: 1) Commitment and devotion to the Christian mission of the United Methodist Church. 2) Working knowledge and understanding of the church discipline. 3) Familiarity with sound accounting practices as well as state and federal requirements governing the reporting and submission of financial experience in managing finances and analyzing business practices for large organizations. 4) Proficiency with computer supported financial accounting programs Ability to collaborate effectively with other church team leaders. 5) Ability to coordinate multiple vendors for property management and office systems. 6) Ability to develop and administer personnel policies and oversee proper provision of all benefits programs. 7) Ability to train and support church staff in appropriate and effective financial management practices. 8) Organizational skills in planning, managing and supporting an annual church budget approaching and exceeding $1.5 million.
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