STEP Personality Test: Research Assistant/Intern

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Lisa R. Preston
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(859) 8870876
STEP™ into Destiny’s Core-Passion Assessment is a new test designed to assess one’s core passion in life, based on their thought and language patterns. (There are four identified brain patterns in the STEP assessment.) Research suggests that we loop through all four core passions every 1-2 seconds as we make decisions, up to 60,000 times per day. STEP training reveals how to access more of your core gifts and fulfill your destiny and calling by bringing the gifts from the all core-passions to support your core strengths. The practicum student will receive in-depth training (6 hours introductory training and then more advanced training throughout the semester) in the STEP Core-Passion test and brain and language patterning. The practicum student will be involved in interviewing others who’ve taken the STEP core-passion ™ test based on their passions in life and mapping their brain and language patterns. He/she will be compiling research and receive training in analyzing it for brain patterning. Benefits from the practicum experience include being involved in supporting a new tool that helps uncover a person’s passion and brain patterns as well as learning how to access other brain patterns and bring those gifts into your core patterning. The student will learn more about his/her own personal gifts, strengths, and brain patterns and be able to type others quickly. People with opposite brain patterns often have different definitions for the same words. When one hears language from an opposite pattern, it’s almost as if the words are invisible (as they have little to no effect on the hearer). The student will discover not only how to identify opposite brain patterns, but how to decipher what others see in their heads as they speak. The STEP training results in greater ability to communicate with others from a core level, heightened discernment, ease in bringing understanding and harmony to a situation, and an ability to impact and encourage others powerfully. All training will be conducted by Lisa Rae Preston, creator of the STEP™ assessment.
Practicum Student Requirements *Prefer Junior/ Senior/Graduate Student with background/classes in psychology, familiarity with personality assessments such as MBTI and DISC (Leadership, Communications, Psychology) *Gregarious and interested in people, able to interview and pull out people’s stories and personal strengths *Competent writer *Creative visionary who is able to identify and connect patterns *Able to meet deadlines and find others interested in taking the STEP test and being interviewed around their brain patterns *10-15 hours per week
Application Instructions: 
Application Process: Practicum can apply for the position by emailing Lisa Preston @ with the subject line “Asbury Practicum Application Request.” Include a brief introduction, paragraph stating why you’re interested in the practicum, and phone number. Ms. Preston will call you regarding an interview.