Survive125 Epic Launch Team

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Live 58
130 E. Kiowa St.
STE 300
Colorado Springs
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Adam Woodward
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(678) 2305953
What is Survive125? An innovative online simulator that allows you to enter real scenarios that people living in extreme poverty face every day. Players walk a month in the shoes of Divya Patel, a female bricklayer in India with four children, making the life or death decisions she is faced with to survive. Currently released in beta, Survive125 has already been picked up both Mashable and Huffington Post. You can play the first version of the game at: The Epic Launch With little to no promotion at all over 10,000 people played the first version of the game. Imagine how many will play with a concerted effort to promote this experience? That’s why this fall we want to create the largest cause oriented game launch ever - and we want YOU to be a part of making history! On October of this fall we’re going to relaunch the game bigger and better than before with more choices for the players, photos, videos, and more opportunity for social interaction. It’s going to be amazing! Our goal is to get 250,000 people to play and share Survive125 over 2 weeks. We want you to help us make it possible. To Make This Happen For Your Time and Effort What’s an epic launch without some awesome goodies? We thought we’d provide a few rewards for people joining in the movement: • Free T-shirts for all our campus promoters. Who doesn’t love a good free t-shirt! • Big Prizes for those who recruit the highest number of people, highest percentage of their campus, etc. And by BIG we mean OUT OF THIS COUNTRY big. We’re giving away at least one trip to Ethiopia to experience poverty first hand. • Smaller Prizes. Don’t be dismayed if you don’t win the big trip. Along the way we’ll be reward campus organizers with everything from pizza parties for 10 to free gas cards to one year premium Spotify membership. • Personal Letter of Recommendation based on performance • Experience for your resume (we know that is what everyone says but its true. This could go a long way to helping you land a job in a bad economy.) • Sneak Peak. This is a bonus but you’ll be the first people to not only play the second version of Survive125 but we’ll also give you a first look at the new, pretty epic, website we’re launching right before the game. Program Structure • This program only last 4 weeks • One weekly conference call with our awesome Campus Coordinator in the national office. • You’ll be invited to a private facebook group for idea sharing and inspiration • At the end we’ll do a debrief to discuss the experience and celebrate the results. • Program wrap up (review and celebrate) Is This For You? At the heart of making this possible is God’s love and concern for the poor. We know that extreme poverty has been cut in half in the last 30 years, and that we have the ability to see it end altogether in our lifetime. We have everything we need. The question is will we do what it takes? It’s time for us to step up and answer God’s call for our generation. It’s time for you to stand up to the evils of extreme poverty!
We’re looking for 3-5 campus promoters at each school to get the word out by doing some to all of the following: • Put up posters (we’ll provide) to raise awareness and draw attention to the game. Pretend you’re a street artist with a cause! • Getting a PowerPoint slide projected before your classes promoting the game • If you have chapel see if you can’t get or give a shout out for the game then • Getting out door hangers. We’ll provide you with postcards and door hangers you can blitz the campus with on the day of the game launch. • Ask professors to share the game via email lists • Share it on Facebook with friends you know and groups you’re a part of. • Get quick “man on the street” style videos of student’s reactions from playing the game. (we’ll provide questions and you can make up your own) • Table in a busy area and encourage people to play the game and share it with their friends to win prizes. • Create amazing chalk drawings in highly trafficked areas to raise awareness.
Application Instructions: 
Email and join the team making the movement possible! Send us a cover letter and resume.