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Asbury Announces Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials in Instructional Design

The online learning medium focuses on high demand fields for working professionals

November 14, 2023

Asbury University’s highly acclaimed Media Communication department unveiled a new way for students to engage with cutting-edge curriculum in Instructional Design with digital badges and micro-credentialing. The digital badge and micro-credential formats provide a new way gain non-credit bearing, workforce ready skills in a flexible online format in high demand fields.  

“Asbury University continues to develop new pathways for the public to engage in personalized professional learning activities designed to meet the needs of today’s workforce,” said Provost and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Sherry Powers. “Asbury University badges and micro-credentials are developed by our highly skilled faculty who have expertise in designing competency-based, research-supported and personalized professional learning experiences. We are excited to provide opportunities for the public to engage with Asbury’s first-class faculty as they provide relevant learning experiences to address the personal goals and professional needs of each learner.” 

The digital badges, which cost $125 per badge and each take approximately three to five hours to complete, are offered on a new ‘eAsbury’ platform that offers asynchronous, skills-focused, online micro-courses perfect for learners who want to upskill in a specific competency or topic. Additional badges and course material on eAsbury is planned for the coming year. All learning content is created by Asbury professors and has been through a rigorous quality assurance process for content and design to meet the high standards of the Asbury learning community that now spans from digital badges to undergraduate and graduate levels.  

“The eAsbury digital badges are perfect for upskilling or growing your knowledge base,” said Dr. Lisa Jones, Media Communication assistant professor and director of Asbury’s Instructional Design program. “They can also fill in gaps of knowledge for professionals who are thinking about switching careers, pursuing an academic degree or just wanting to explore other skillsets or enhance existing knowledge.” 

The first set of eAsbury digital badges focuses on Instructional Design, one of the fastest-growing careers around the world, and multimedia skills for the modern workplace. Asbury’s 20 Instructional Design badges stack together to create a micro-credential in Instructional Design, Multi-Media and Digital Design. Additional curriculum is planned in other subject areas by Asbury’s acclaimed professors including Artificial Intelligence Ethics, Science: Light and Sound, Accessibility Issues for the LXD Designer, and Business.  

“We are looking forward to adding to our digital shelf of badges with more topics and skill-sets coming in the future,” explained Jones, who also teaches online classes at the undergraduate and graduate level in Instructional Design. Jones brings more than a decade of experience as an online instructor and instructional designer, creating digital hybrid and online courses for Morehead State University, Kentucky Adult Education, Kentucky State University, Berea College, various Kentucky community colleges and Kentucky governmental agencies.  

The Instructional Design, Multi-Media and Digital Design courses include Intro to the Learning Sciences, Instructional Design Models, Designing the Digital Space, Online Communication Skills for Synchronous Learning, Website Design, Digital Illustration, Emerging Technology in the Workplace: Future of Work, and more. To learn more visit

Instructional Designers design courses, develop curricula, and create training materials across numerous industries, including healthcare, education, and technology. Learn more about Asbury University’s fully online bachelor’s degree in Instructional Design & Media and the fully online master’s degree in Instructional Design, Innovation & Leadership: