Postcard from Paris: “I was looking for a bathroom and found the Luxembourg Gardens” – Asbury University
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October 27, 2021

These were the exact words of Juan Vidal, an Asbury University sophomore participating in Asbury’s Paris Semester, when he found one of the most iconic palaces in France. Paris is full of surprises. With world-renewed places like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triumph, the Luxembourg Gardens, and many others, there is a lot to experience.

When you visit Paris, one of the first pieces of advice you receive is to go for a walk.  Where you walk  doesn’t matter because the “city of lights” is going to surprise you with amazing views like this one.

This picture is a normal street in Paris, but as you can see it looks beautiful. Whenever you go for a walk in Paris, you can enjoy the classical architecture that its emblematic of European cities. Paris is full of surprises. Juan Vidal was walking around the city looking for a bathroom and the next thing he knew, he was at the Luxembourg Palace.