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Sales Minor (with Certificate in Professional Sales)

The Sales Minor is an 18 hour academic program available for undergraduates of any major who want to develop skills in professional selling.  Students completing the minor will also earn the Certificate in Professional Sales.  The Sales Minor and Certificate in Professional Sales will be an indication to prospective employers that you have proficiency in selling skills, making you a more attractive prospect for sales and other communications-oriented positions.

Sales can be a great long term career, an entry point into a company of interest or a transitional job while waiting for a target position in another career area to become available.  Demand for salespeople continues to be strong and research shows that graduates of university sales programs have a 30% lower turnover rate and a 50% faster ramp up time.

Program Requirements (18 Credit Hours)

Required courses:

  • MKT241 Principles of Marketing
  • MKT343 Fundamentals of Professional Selling
  • MKT345 Advanced Sales
  • MKT344 Sales Management
  • MKT346 CRM & Sales Technologies

Sales Certificate Electives (Choose 1):

  • MKT435 Sales Internship
  • COM351 Persuasion
  • PSY210 Social Psychology
  • COM220 Interpersonal Comm
  • COM251 Intercultural Comm
  • BU339 Business as Mission
  • SPM340 Sport Sales & Marketing

Students who have majors in Marketing, Sport Management and Business Administration are able to fulfill the requirements for the Certificate in Professional Sales without completing the Sales Minor and may do so with fewer hours than a sales minor because some of the certificate requirements are also requirements of the major.  Your academic advisor can help you determine which option best fits your career goals and academic requirements.

Certificate in Professional Sales Program Application