2004 Wesleyan Heritage Conference – Asbury University
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2004 Wesleyan Heritage Conference

“The World Is My Parish: Applied Wesleyan Theology in a Global Culture”

September 27-29, 2004

“Least of all saints, you have nothing to do but to save souls.  Therefore, spend and be spent in this work.”  — John Wesley


Schedule of Events:

        Monday, September 27

        10:00 am    Conference Chapel
                           Dr. Ron Sider – “The Cry of the Poor:  A Wesleyan Response”
                           Hughes Auditorium

        12:00 pm    Chapel Discussion Luncheon with Dr. Ron Sider
                           Dining Hall Gray Room

         6:00 pm     Conference Dinner
                           Dr. George Hunter – “A Future Prospectus on Wesleyan Missiology”
                          Dining Hall Gray Room

        Tuesday, September 28

        10:50 am    Conference Seminar
                           Dr. Roger Green – “Wesleyan Foundations for Salvation Army Missiology:  William and
                                       Catherine Booth and Methodism”
                           Bennett Bernard

        12:00 pm    Conference Discussion Luncheon with Dr. Roger Green
                         Dining Hall Gray Room

         4:00 pm     Conference Seminar
                           Dr. Robert Lang’at – “Wesleyan Missiology in the African Context”
                           Bennett Bernard

        Wednesday, September 29

        10:00 am    Conference Chapel
                           Dr. Clarence “Bud” Bence – “Wesley as Missionary with a Global Mission”
                           Hughes Auditorium

        12:00 pm    Chapel Discussion Luncheon with Dr. Clarence Bence
                          Dining Hall Gray Room


Featured Speakers:

Dr. Clarence “Bud” Bence

  • Professor of Religion, Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Served as Academic Vice President and Dean, Dean of Christian Life and Ministries, and Professor of Historical Theology at Houghton College
  • Also taught at United Wesleyan College, Candler School of Theology, and Emory University
  • Ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church and has served in positions of senior pastor and youth pastor
  • Graduated from Houghton College, Asbury Theological Seminary, and Emory University (Ph.D.)
  • Publications include Romans:  A Bible Commentary in the Wesleyan Tradition and “The Lasting Influence of the New Testament Church” in The Genius of the New Testament Church
  • Served as a Fellow of the Oxford Institute of Methodist Studies in Oxford, England

Dr. Roger Green

  • Professor and Chair of Biblical and Theological Studies, Gordon College
  • Named as a second incumbent of the Terrelle B. Crum Chair of Humanities in 1995
  • Taught at Asbury College and Barrington College
  • Has held a variety of local officer positions in The Salvation Army and travels extensively around the world ministering on behalf of TSA
  • Graduated from Temple University, Asbury Theological Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Boston College (Ph.D.)
  • Publications include War on Two Fronts:  The Redemptive Theology of William Booth, and Catherine Booth:  Biography of the Co-Founder of The Salvation Army; co-editor of The Salvation Army’s Word and Deed:  Journal of The Salvation Army Theology and Ministry

Dr. George Hunter

  • Distinguished Professor of Evangelism and Church Growth, Asbury Theological Seminary
  • Served congregations in Florida and England, taught evangelism at S.M.U.’s Perkins School of Theology, and served as United Methodism’s Executive for Evangelism
  • Ordained minister in the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church
  • Graduated from Florida Southern College, Emory University, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Northwestern University (Ph.D.)
  • Publications include How To Reach Secular People, Church for the Unchurched, Leading and Managing a Growing Church, and Radical Outreach:  Recovering Apostolic Ministry and Evangelism

Dr. Robert Lang’at

  • Professor of Bible and Theology at Kenya Highlands Bible College and chair of Department of Theology at Kabarak University in Nakuru, Kenya
  • Served as pastor and teacher with the Africa Gospel Church in Kenya
  • Taught at Nyack College, Wesley Biblical Seminary, and West Africa Theological Seminary in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Graduated from Kenya Highlands Bible College, Asbury College, Wesley Biblical Seminary, and Drew University (M.Phil, Ph.D.)
  • Published articles in the Evangelical Theological Journal and Methodist History, and contributed a chapter in The Global Impact of the Wesleyan Traditions and Their Related Movements

Dr. Ronald Sider

  • Professor of Theology, Holistic Ministry, and Public Policy at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Serves as Director of the Sider Center on Ministry and Public Policy at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary and President of Evangelicals for Social Action
  • Ordained minister in the Mennonite and Brethren in Christ Churches
  • Graduated from Waterloo Lutheran University and Yale University (M.A., B.D., Ph.D.)
  • Publications include The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience:  Why Are Christians Living Just Like the Rest of the World?, Just Generosity:  A New Vision for Overcoming Poverty in America, and Churches That Make a Difference:  Reaching Your Community with Good News and Good Works
  • His book, Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger:  A Biblical Study, was named as one of the 100 most influential religious books of the 20th century by Christianity Today.
  • Publisher of PRISM magazine and a contributing editor of Christianity Today and Sojourners
  • Serves on many advisory boards including the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life