The Equine Center Facility

The Asbury University Equine Center is located on 341 Acres which consists of pasture fields, trails, 3 round pens, 2 barns, an indoor riding arena, and two outdoor riding areas.


Tan Barn

Tan Barn

The Tan barn is the main barn used on the property. This barn holds 14 stalls with the space to add more, an office, a classroom, a meeting room, multiple tack rooms, storage space, and restrooms.


Black Barn

Black Barn

Built in the 1950’s, this original to the property barn began as a tobacco barn. Through the hard work and dedication of students and staff, this barn now houses 11 stalls, a hayloft, and a tack room.


Indoor riding arena

Indoor Riding Arena

The indoor riding arena, which is attached to the tan barn, contains a 72’x180’ riding area which has recently been footed with polytrack thanks to a donation from the Keenland race track. The arena also contains a permanent handicap ramp to aid in therapeutic riding. 


Outdoor riding area

Outdoor Riding Areas

Both outdoor riding areas are recent additions to the facility and allow students to enjoy the weather while working with the horses.


Round pens

Round Pens

There are 3 round pens that are located on the property. There is one permanent wood round pen, and two temporary round pens.


Riding trails

Riding Trails

Located around the equine center is over 6 miles worth of trails, ranging from beginner to advanced level. The miles of trails allow for a beautiful view of the Kentucky River and the Palisades.