Livia Heidelberger ’20 – Asbury University
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Livia Heidelberger ’20

Though she hails from Boyce, Va., Livia Heidelberger ’20 came to Asbury University by way of Normandy, France. During high school, she went to France twice, and each time met Asbury students who were studying abroad. Upon returning to the U.S. before her senior year of high school, Heidelberger finally made her first visit to Asbury’s campus. 

“I fell in love with the campus, and the people that I met were so friendly,” Heidelberger says. “They had a French program. I liked that it was a Christian school. I liked that the classes would be small and intimate. I started filling out my application on the car ride home. I was so excited!” 

As a French major, Heidelberger had the opportunity to go back to France to work as an intern at the Jacques Lefevre Institute the summer after her freshman year. As a Sociology major, Heidelberger has been able to explore different cultures and ways of living through classes like Intercultural Social Issues.

Classes like these — and ongoing international opportunities — helped prepare Heidelberger to impact the world for Christ. She’s unsure what her ultimate career path will be, but is considering a career as a French professor. For now, she is still learning, growing and enjoying her Asbury experience to the fullest.

“Asbury is a really great place to grow spiritually and to figure out your passion and then discover who you are,” Heidelberger says. “I know for me at Asbury, I feel like I’ve grown into who I am. I feel like I know myself better than I did before going to college.”