David McCorvey ’19 – Asbury University
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David McCorvey '19 is a Communication major with an emphasis in Public Relations.

David McCorvey ’19

Lexington native David McCorvey ’19 knew that Asbury University would be his home away from home the minute he stepped on campus for a visit.

“When I visited the first time, I was really blown away by the media communication department and the things that the department is doing, like the Olympics [program] and the resources that they have available,” McCorvey said. “That really appealed to me.”

McCorvey is a communication major with an emphasis in public relations. He’s enjoyed taking communication classes that have allowed him to see his major in action, the hands-on projects and hearing from speakers currently working in the field.

During his time at Asbury, he’s also been an active member of the Men’s Basketball team.

“I love Coach Shouse,” McCorvey said. “He’s been great to all of us and he’s almost like a parent to us, just the way he takes care of us. I’ve made really close relationships with the people on my team and the road trips are always a great time.”

For McCorvey, Asbury’s focus on spiritual vitality has opened up opportunities for personal growth and demonstrated how to live out one’s faith in the professional world.

“I think that when you’re operating from a secular point of view, you’re just not under the same morals and rules that Asbury’s shown me,” McCorvey said. “[As] a Christian, it’s prepared me to conduct business in a different fashion and have a different attitude towards it than looking at the world without a religious background.”

Thanks to the invaluable experience he’s gained in Asbury classes, McCorvey is spending his summer doing internships at WKYT and KET (Kentucky Educational Television).

McCorvey is working in the news department at WKYT where his assignments include going out on the scene with reporters and seeing the process of how news packages are made all the way from the recording to the editing. He also gets to watch the anchors and producers produce the news in the studio.

“I really wanted to do both of these [internships]. I wanted to do news because of the relationship between public relations and news,” McCorvey said. “And then, I wanted to do KET because [I’m getting] more direct public relations experience. I think it will all help me as a whole when it’s put together.”

Following his upcoming graduation in 2019, McCorvey hopes to use his Asbury education to work in crisis communication for a large public relations corporation.

What would McCorvey say to a prospective student who is considering a college education at Asbury?

“The liberal arts education is great because you can really figure out what you want to focus on,” McCorvey said. “I started off wanting to do different things in communications and it just led me to where I am right now in public relations, just taking a bunch of different classes. The community and the resources that are offered are unmatched.”