Hannah Stafford ’19 – Asbury University
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Hannah Stafford ’19

Receiving financial aid can be a life-changing experience for Asbury students — just ask Hannah Stafford ’19. Last summer, after a family tragedy and financial hardship, it seemed clear to her that finishing her degree at Asbury would not be an option. Then, out of the blue, she received a call from Music Department Chair Mark Schell ’87 telling her she was selected to participate in the Richard C. ’61 and Martha B. Kraus Scholarship Program.

“Dr. Schell called to tell me I had received a scholarship, and combined with other aid, it would be enough,” Stafford said. “Just the day before, I had been telling my dad I didn’t think I would be able to go back to Asbury, and he said ‘to trust God.’ Then I found out about the scholarship, and it was the perfect amount to put me where I needed to be.”

Receiving the scholarship aid is more than just a financial blessing — it means that Stafford will be able to experience the full value of an Asbury University education.

“Over and over again, I’m reminded of how special Asbury is,” Stafford said. “There is such a tight community within the Music Department. What starts as a lesson turns into a devotional; a class turns into asking how God will use you in the future.”

Thanks to insight from her advisor, Dr. Jill Campbell, Stafford is exploring a career in arts administration, combining her love for the arts and business. To donors who fund scholarships at Asbury, Stafford says she can’t adequately express her gratitude.

“Asbury has completely changed my life, and that has been made possible through scholarships,” Stafford said. “I want donors to be encouraged, knowing that the Lord is using their gifts to accomplish great things here.”