Mrs. Joy Griffin – Asbury University
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Graduate with cap and gown posing with parents

Mrs. Joy Griffin

Mother of Caleb Griffin

“Why are you so happy that your son attended a university seven hours away from home?”
As a mother, I’ve had that question asked of me many times. My answer: “It is because he was at Asbury.”

Then comes the follow-up question: “What is so special about Asbury?” I am always glad they ask. It gives me a wonderful opportunity to describe why I rejoice that Caleb chose Asbury University. The list is long, but here are just a few of the reasons: 

  • Asbury’s commitment to the truth of God’s Word. Caleb has grown in his relationship with Jesus through many avenues: Chapel services, dorm devotions, his discipleship group, on the soccer field, in class settings. I want my child to always be in the very center of God’s will, and I want him to be in a place that helps him discern the Lord’s purposes for his life. As a parent, the following verse expresses the desire of my heart: “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in truth.” (3 John 4)
  • Asbury’s commitment to academic excellence. Caleb had the opportunity to study under professors who are second-to-none intellectually, and who are godly in their character. How wonderful it is that he had teachers who prayed for him and his classmates, and were available for their students outside the classroom.
  • Asbury’s commitment to holiness of heart and life. Caleb has been exposed to the experience of a clean heart, and a passion to share this abundant life of Christ with others across the street and around the world.
  • Asbury’s commitment to a community of faith. Rather than superficial relationships, Caleb developed life-long friendships that go deep. I am so thankful he played soccer for a coaching staff who encouraged the team to be disciplined, first of all spiritually and then physically. He had marvelous teammates who helped each other on the playing field and off. After being welcomed by the team and being on campus a short while, Caleb said, “Being at Asbury is the best decision I’ve ever made”.


My son had the opportunity to study under professors who are second to none intellectually, and who are godly in their character.

Mrs. Joy Griffin
Asbury Parent

Caleb greatly enjoyed working as an Ambassador in the Admissions Office. One of his responsibilities was to show visitors around the campus. The historical buildings remind us of a marvelously rich heritage, and how God’s Holy Spirit has moved in the past. The same Spirit is available and working today to draw students to Himself in new and exciting ways. I hope you will visit campus. You will be blessed as you talk to students, faculty and staff in order get a glimpse of the Asbury University family. And I believe you will see why I am thrilled and very grateful that my son is now an Asbury alumnus.