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General Procedures

  1. Swimming alone is prohibited. A lifeguard must be on duty at all times when the pool is in use.
  2. Anyone with a communicable disease, open wound or infection is not permitted in the pool. Swimming with bandages or adhesive tape on the body is not allowed.
  3. Outdoor footwear is not allowed in the pool area or on the pool deck.
  4. Pushing, horseplay, running or other hazardous play is prohibited.
  5. Spitting into or otherwise polluting the water is not allowed.
  6. Swim diapers are required for all children who are not toilet trained.
  7. All swimmers must shower before entering the pool; entrance to the pool area is to be made through the locker rooms only.
  8. No free-floating devices except teaching aids are permitted in the pool. Only equipment approved by the lifeguard is permitted in the pool – no masks, fins or snorkels (except in supervised situations or classes).
  9. All females must wear one-piece bathing suits.
  10. A parent or legal guardian must accompany all children under the age of 16. The parent or legal guardian is required to participate with the underage child at all times.
  11. If fecal matter is found in the pool, everyone must be removed from the pool area. The pool and surrounding area will be sanitized prior to reopening.
  12. In effort to maintain a safe and manageable pool area, a limited number of individuals are allowed in the water, depending on the number of lifeguards on duty.