Asbury University gives Journalism students many opportunities to hone their skills and become skilled at their chosen area of emphasis. We bring real life experience to the classroom and challenge our students to stretch themselves while working on print, online and broadcast assignments. Besides covering campus events, students also have the opportunity to be reporters and interviewers on television shows. Students even cover the Olympics. Journalism students travelled to the London, Sochi and Rio for the Olympics, covering stories for our local NBC affiliate, WLEX-TV. The students interviewed Olympic athletes and covered stories around the Games. Many unique opportunities are available at Asbury for journalism students working in print and video.

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The Asbury student newspaper is The Collegian. Students manage, write and layout this publication. They also produce an occasional magazine. 


The Collegian is also online. Students write, layout, and shoot video stories about news, sports and other events and people on campus. Students also produce videos for the website.


Journalism majors who are interested in pursuing a career in writing, reporting or producing broadcast news have that opportunity in the Communication Arts Center news bureau. Students can report news for WACW, the campus radio station or for online live television covereage. There are also a number of shows created by students interested in broadcast journalism including a local news show. 

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Student interviewing a basketball player on the sideline

Journalism students traveled to the Rio Olympics to shoot feature packages for NBC affiliate WLEX, including this video of USA basketball dream team member DeMarcus Cousins.

Students reported from the Sochi Olympics for WLEX

Students reported from the Sochi Olympics for WLEX

Student shooting an interview of an Indy 500 driver

Students often write and shoot for publications and web sites. This student is shooting an interview of an Indy 500 driver on assignment for SportsIllustrated.com.

News program being filmed in a TV studio

While at Asbury, students can participate as anchors and reporters for a campus news show.