Students accepted into the Digital Storytelling master’s program will pay a tuition rate of $595 per credit hour. Enrolling in one academic course, then, would cost $1,785. Enrolling in three classes per semester would cost $5,355.

The total cost of the Digital Storytelling master’s degree would be $17,850 for 30 credit hours.  Students who are required to take the three prerequisite classes will have an additional 10 credit hours, which equates to an additional cost of $5,950, and a total program cost of $23,800.

Some other additional program costs are:

  • Textbooks
  • Housing for students taking on campus or prerequisite classes during the summer semester (cost varies).
  • A processing fee of $30/credit hour will be charged to students who choose to apply for CPL credit.
  • Students who use Asbury film, video and audio equipment and facilities to create projects for a class will be charged an additional usage fee of $200 for those classes.