Holiness Emphasis Week 2015 – Asbury University
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Holiness Emphasis Week 2015

HEW 2015

“HOLINESS HOUSED IN A STORY: Practical Holiness from the Gospel of Mark”

JANUARY 26-30, 2015



Monday, January 26 –
10 a.m. – Chapel
         “Holiness Housed in a Story: Practical Holiness from the Gospel of Mark”
 7 p.m. – Worship Service
         “Holiness Housed in a Story: Mark 1”

Tuesday, January 27 –
 7 p.m. – Worship Service
         “Who Is the Man That Even the Wind and the Waves Obey Him?”

Wednesday, January 28 –
10 a.m. – Chapel
         “Who Do You Say  I Am?”
 7 p.m. – Worship Service
         “A Call to Surrender: Who Do You Say I Am?”

Thursday, January 29 –
 7 p.m. – Worship Service
         “Jesus Fulfilling His Divine Mission”

Friday, January 30 –
10 a.m. – Chapel
         “Our Image of the Cross: From Shame to New Creation”

Smith, David


REV. DR. DAVID SMITH ’88 has served as the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Kingswood University (Canada) since 2010. Previously, he was on the faculty of Indiana Wesleyan University and Associate Dean of the School of Theology and Ministry since 2000. He attended Ohio Christian University, Asbury University (B.A.), Asbury Theological Seminary (M.A.R. and M.Div.) and Durham University in England (Ph.D.). Prior to his calling to serve in theological education, Smith served as a local church pastor and computer programmer.



“Holiness Emphasis Week Calls Students to Community”

January 30, 2015

WILMORE, Ky. — Asbury University’s 2015 Holiness Emphasis Week drew attention back toward its roots in holiness theology through the theme “Holiness Housed in a Story.” Rev. Dr. David Smith ’88, the vice president of academic affairs at Kingswood University and an Asbury University alumnus, rejoined the Asbury community to speak on this subject.

Smith began the week by sharing some of his testimony and emphasizing the point that Scripture, and especially the Gospel of Mark, was written Smith, Davidto be experienced orally and within the context of community. He encouraged students and faculty to read scripture aloud with others and experience it in new ways.

After establishing the importance of community in living holy lives, Smith challenged those in Hughes Auditorium; he asked those who were willing to stop following “the script of culture” and instead pursue the words of scripture to stand and be seen by the Asbury community so they might be kept accountable in their pursuit of holiness.

Tyler Meynardie, sophomore, resonated with the speaker’s bold request. “I believe Holiness Emphasis week is a great time for our campus to come together as one body and walk closer with the Lord,” he said. “I also believe many times our focus can’t exclusively be on just coming to the cross to die. Once you’ve died to yourself at the cross, you become a new creation and you get up and begin living a new and victorious life in Jesus Christ,” said Meynardie.

Smith made a point of not making a traditional “altar call.” Instead, he said, “Coming to the altar and dying, that’s the easy part. The hard part is arising and living a resurrected life. How many times have you come to the altar and died?” He later went on to deliver the challenge to stand, saying, “If Jesus has spoken to you this morning – if he has asked you ‘Come follow me and I will set My agenda on your heart,’ stand please.” Many students and faculty stood, proclaiming that they want to pursue holiness in the context of community – holiness housed in a story.

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