Holiness Emphasis Week 2014 – Asbury University
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Holiness Emphasis Week 2014


FEBRUARY 3-7, 2014


Schedule of Events:

Monday, February 3 –
10 a.m. – Chapel, Dr. Sandra Richter
        “And Can It Be? Creation Care as Holiness?”
 7 p.m. – Worship Service, Dr. Sandra Richter
        “Exploring the Book: Land Care as an Expression of Holiness”

Tuesday, February 4 –
11:30 a.m. – Faculty Luncheon, Dr. Sandra Richter
 7 p.m. – Worship Service, Dr. Sandra Richter
        “Exploring the Book: Creature Care as an Expression of Holiness”

Wednesday, February 5 –
10 a.m. – Chapel, Rev. Steve Schellin
        “Holiness Is a Verb”
7 p.m. – Worship Service, Rev. Steve Schellin
        “Holiness Is a Verb: How Comfortable Was the Cross?”

Thursday, February 6 –
 7 p.m. – Worship Service, Rev. Steve Schellin
        “Holiness Is a Verb: Is Jesus Enough?”

Friday, February 7 –
10 a.m. – Chapel, Rev. Steve Schellin
        “Holiness Is a Verb: Do the Right Thing”

Prayer Gathering in Reasoner 214 from 6:30 – 7 p.m. each night before the evening worship services.

Featured Speakers:

Sandra Richter

Dr. Sandra Richter is Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College (Ill.). She received her M.A. from Gordon-Conwell and her Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible from Harvard University’s Near Eastern Language and Civilizations Department. Richter taught for four years at Wesley Biblical Seminary, Asbury Theological Seminary, as anadjunct professor at Gordon College and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, as an instructor at Harvard Divinity School and as a teaching fellow at Harvard University. Richter is married to Steven Tsoukalas (Ph.D. in Comparative Theology, University of Birmingham) and has two daughters: Noël and Elise.

Rev. Steve Schellin is Senior Pastor of Southland Community Church in Greenwood, Ind. Before starting at Southland, SchellinSteve Schellin served in many staff leadership positions including Ministry Development, Young Adults and Youth and Missions. In addition, he served on the staff of a United States Congressman and as an administrator for Ohio Christian University. Schellin is a graduate of Ohio Christian University and has also completed graduate work at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Ohio University. Schellin and his wife, Stephanie, have been married 28 years and have two children: Meredith (21) and Landon (16).


Press Release:

“Students Examine Thoughts, Actions to ‘Live Holy'”

February 07, 2014

WILMORE, Ky. — Time-honored tradition met real-time implications in Asbury University’s Spring 2014 Holiness Emphasis Week, Feb. 3-7.

Asbury junior Dani Larson says the many spiritual-life events on campus, especially Holiness Emphasis Week, have drawn her closer to God. “A lot of the speakers have said very influential things in my life,” she said. “God really does appear at the (Holiness Emphasis Week) services…He really does show His face there.”

Dr. Sandra Richter spoke on the relationship between personal holiness and caring for God’s creation.

The week’s speakers were Dr. Sandra Richter, Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College (Ill.), and Rev. Steve Schellin, senior pastor at Southland Community Church in Greenwood, Ind. Richter and Schellin explored the theme, “Live Holy: Holiness is a Verb,” highlighting specific strategies for holiness in action.

Richter spoke on caring for the environment — what she calls “Creation Care” — as an issue of personal holiness. Properly caring for the earth, she told students, is one way to reflect Christ into the world.

“There is a profound theology that runs from Eden to the New Jerusalem,” she said. “Humanity had been called to reflect the image of the Creator to His world. In our fallen state, we failed at that task, but in our redeemed state, the primary point on our horizon is to be re-conformed to the image of the Son.”

In Monday evening’s service, Richter explained Old Testament teaching about caring for the earth. Richter says the laws God gave Israel, which detailed everything from agricultural policies to the treatment of livestock, were not about turning a profit. Instead, these laws instructed the Israelites to care for those who depended on the produce of the land, and to honor for the God who made it.

“This is not some new political fad,” she said. “It’s an ancient issue that God made laws to arbitrate, and to offer us, in our short-sightedness, the wisdom of the ancients, and the long-term wisdom of the Creator.”

Richter says the devastation of poor environmental policies is more than a conservation issue — it’s a justice issue.

“This is not about tree-hugging, folks,” she said. “This is about widows and orphans. We need to break out of our evangelical culture and hear the message of Scripture once again. And the message of Scripture is, “This is my Father’s world, and I don’t get to mess with it.”

Rev. Steve Schellin shared how transformed actions come from transformed thinking.

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