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When in doubt, do not capitalize.


  1. Proper nouns, months, days of the week, but not the seasons or terms (fall, spring, summer).
  2. Capitalize the names of departments or offices, but not majors. Office of Strategic Communications, Department of Science & Health
    • Jim is enrolled in the biology program.
    • The Art Department opens a watercolor exhibit.
  3. All traditional, educational, occupational, and business titles when used specifically in front of the name; do not capitalize these titles when they follow the name.
    • President Kevin J. Brown, Asbury University
    • Sherry Powers, provost
    • Professor Jim Owens is dean of the School of Communication Arts.
    • Note: In tabular matter and addresses, these titles may be capitalized regardless of location.
  4. The words Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force, when referring to U.S. armed forces, whether or not preceded by the letters U.S.
  5. Board of Trustees; thereafter, the board.
  6. Geographical regions of the country, but not points of the compass (direction or locality).
    • the Middle West or the Midwest, but middle western
    • East Coast, Gulf Coast
    • in the Southeast or Northern Hemisphere, but northern Atlantic
  7. Names of athletic teams. All Asbury University teams are the Eagles.
  8. Names of all races and nationalities.
    • African American (but black), Caucasian (but white), Nigerian, Irish, Japanese
  9. Class names (Faithful, Surrendered, Courageous, Ignited). Also when referring to the class by year, capitalize ‘class’ (e.g. Class of 2025)
  10. Religious references, please capitalize God, Jesus, Lord, Father, Holy Spirit, Savior, Heaven, Hell, Bible and the Word (as in the Word of God) and all pronouns referring to God including Him and His. (e.g.: We thank God for His blessings.)

Do not capitalize:

  1. Titles standing alone or in apposition.
    • The chair of the business program must approve all research papers.
    • Contact the budget director for further information.
    • Devin Brown, professor of English, will speak at the symposium.
  2. Names of school or university studies, fields of study, options, curricula, major areas, or major subjects, except languages.
    • He is studying philosophy and English.
    • Each student must meet core requirements in biological sciences and liberal arts.
  3. The unofficial or informal names of departments when used in text.
    • He enrolled in the math department. (Official department name is Department of Mathematics and Computer Science)
  4. Organized groups or classes of students at the University, or the words freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate.
    • John Smith is a junior.
    • The senior class will conduct its annual election tomorrow.
  5. Unofficial titles preceding a name: (historian and musician Mary Brown).
  6. The words or abbreviations a.m., p.m., baccalaureate, federal, state, government, honors, page, paragraph. The commonwealth of Kentucky.