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For the Journey

Asbury joined forces with Carnegie Dartlet, a higher education marketing research firm, with the goal of helping Asbury tell its story more effectively. Through research, on-campus discovery interviews, and workshops, Carnegie Dartlet was able to describe Asbury’s personality using archetypes.

Asbury is made up of three main character traits that are distinguished by colors: purple, orange with purple, and green. Purple is Asbury’s main character trait and is distinguishable by being compassionate, collaborative, and hospitable. Purple indicates that the campus is made up of caring supporters. Orange with the purple outline is distinguishable by being artistic, contemporary and nurturing. Asbury is a place where transformation and creativity happens. And Green indicates journeying, intelligent, forward-thinking. Green shows up in Asbury’s tendency to encourage students to discover, explore, and be curious.

Asbury's Personality

Profound Purple 

Care and support are undeniable aspects of the Asbury story; however, they must be showcased in deeper ways, such as by expressing Purple stories of the life-long bonds created and the personal holistic growth experienced while at Asbury.  

Asbury has the fortunate opportunity to capitalize on its stakeholders’ current affinity and connection to Purple, the external market’s perception of it, and the presence of Purple in Asbury marketing materials to date, to own Purple more profoundly and take it to the next level. 

Action Step with Purple in Conversations:  

  • Share stories of care, compassion, community
  • Share stories of life-long bonds created at this university. The connection of the alumni to the campus and to the undergraduates, etc. 
  • Share stories of personal growth – what has YOUR growth been while at Asbury?

Opportunity in Orange with Purposeful Purple 

Building on the solid foundation of the pure Purple characteristics Asbury already expresses, it must also introduce transformative, creative Orange qualities to the mix. By combining these two archetypes, Asbury can begin to tell a story that is quite distinct to higher education—a story of its celebration of each student’s God-given uniqueness, and how the University empowers their creative self-expression in order to propel their growth in wisdom and purpose. This story will both serve to further distinguish Asbury from its competitors and provide a compelling offering to prospective students.

Action Step with Orange with Purple in Conversations:  

  • Share stories of transformation – What was your transformation at Asbury? 
  • Share stories of creativity – “Now You See Me” is an excellent example.

Greater Green 

Asbury fosters an environment for students to journey alongside others in mutual growth, exploration, and discipleship. In Asbury’s competitive set, few are telling this Green story of discovery. Asbury should double down on its current minor execution of Green characteristics and garner attention by proudly telling of its ceaseless curiosity, purposeful inquiry, and dedication to lifelong learning.

Action Step with Green in Conversations:

  • Share stories and examples of SEARCH
  • Share your story of growth and/ or how you were discipled at AU
  • Share Grace’s segment on The College Tour
  • Share stories of academic excellence and our commitment to lifelong learning

Descriptions and How to Use For the Journey

▾ Asbury’s Cause Statement

Asbury's Cause Statement

How you use this:  

As a talk track when you talk with prospective students. 

Example: "Here at Asbury University, everything we do, everything we teach, prepares our students as Christlike leaders living with compassion, curiosity, and creativity. You will find inspiration and transformation here."

▾ The Asbury University Journey

At Asbury University, everything we do, everything we teach, and everything we believe comes together in our mission to demonstrate Christlike love to the world. We do this not as isolated individuals but as one compassionate community, affirming each other’s giftedness, supporting each other no matter our position, and providing immersive learning experiences for our students to grow and thrive. In this shared purpose we find our unity.

We draw from a powerful vision of human flourishing, rooted in worship and nurtured by the creativity that lives within each of us. We treat creativity not as a path to our own glory, but as a God-given gift to contribute to the beauty of creation through our teaching, learning, service, and work. This creativity thrives within community, so we nurture our talents together, in chapel, classrooms, labs, training rooms, performance halls, and beyond. And we find that as we develop our artistic and intellectual abilities, we are transformed.

To our journey of discipleship, we bring curiosity and a sense of forward-thinking possibility. We teach our students to engage culture with intelligence and discernment, using their wisdom to orient their hearts to God. Our formational practices set them on a path of holistic growth, strengthening the whole of their character for their careers and lives. We embrace the future with gladness and confidence, celebrating our shared journey as we travel as ambassadors for Christ.

We are Asbury University.

▾ Who is Asbury University?

At the core of Asbury University, you will discover a passionate, warmhearted community. It’s a community that welcomes you and challenges you to embrace your full potential, celebrating every step of your growth. 

Asbury is a nondenominational Christian University that welcomes students from diverse backgrounds and every corner of God’s Kingdom. We are historically rooted in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition, which means we draw on a rich heritage of understanding God’s grace as a life-changing power that transforms hearts and leads us to serve. 

We practice our faith together through chapel services, community service, devotional groups and classroom discussions that integrate faith and learning. Our community standards give us shared accountability, holding each student to a high level of integrity and biblical morality, giving us a safe place to grow and freeing us to reach our full potential. In every pursuit and every relationship, we seek to model Christlike love.

▾ For the Journey of a Lifetime…

Asbury University is a community like no other. We’re a community that celebrates the gifts of every student, inspiring and guiding them on their journeys of growth.

And we’re on a journey ourselves, all of us, seeking to practice compassion and bold hospitality as we grow in wisdom together.

That journey defines who we are. Because we are community in motion. In our wondering, our creating, our learning, and our imagining, we seek a deeper understanding of our role in God’s story.

And that becomes our irresistible promise to our students. We show them, with confidence and gladness, that we are here for them.

For the path ahead. For the long haul. For the thrill of the open road, the winding trail, the breathtaking summit, the daily work, the quiet graces, the shining moments of discovery.

For the journey.

▾ An Explanation of "For the Journey"

For the Journey is Asbury’s joyful invitation to future students. We invite them not only to a place, but to see their place in God’s world with new eyes. We invite them not only for a fixed time, but to see their whole lives as shaped by a larger story. We invite them not only as they are now, but in the full potential of who they will become.

And with that invitation they stand taller. They see anew. And everything becomes possible.

So, we invite them for adventure, for discovery, for powerful growth, for lasting friendship. for the journey.

For the Journey Graphic Elements Explained:

For the Journey uses vivid, sensory-rich language that evokes the textures of life-changing exploration. It uses playful, spirit-filled typography that reflects Asbury’s creativity and warmth. And it uses active, experiential imagery of students in motion together, reflecting Asbury’s caring and passionate community.

View and download For the Journey imagery.

▾ Talking with Prospective Students about "For the Journey"

Asbury University is for the journey of a lifetime…

Your experience at Asbury University is what you make it. We invite you into a journey where you discover God’s gifts and plans for you, where you transform to become all that God is calling you to be, where you are encouraged to be creative, inquisitive, and curious. You can write your own story here, and we will be with you every step of the way—for this moment or for a lifetime.

▾ Elevator Pitch Examples


In a market full of universities and choices for higher education experience, you will find that Asbury is different. Our students feel it. They are KNOWN and they BELONG at Asbury. They are known by professors, staff, classmates, and alumni – from the moment they step on campus. They belong to a community that cares about them as individuals and will support their journey of discovery and growth. 

All of this happens in a compassionate environment where

  • academic excellence is standard, 
  • creativity and curiosity are encouraged, 
  • the growth of the whole person is fostered, 
  • and lives are transformed into Christ-like leaders. 

And this education experience at Asbury combines all of these into a student that is prepared to thrive in an ever-changing global economy. 

Another Example: 

At Asbury University, students are taught to be Christ-like leaders living and working with compassion, curiosity, and creativity. A student’s lifelong journey of learning, long-term relationships, and lasting career skills begin at Asbury. We celebrate each student’s God-given uniqueness and empower their creative self-expression propelling their growth in wisdom and purpose.