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2024 Reunion Gift Project: Renovation of Residence Hall Community Areas

“I look forward to seeing the smiles on the student faces when they see their remodeled community spaces in the residence halls.  We all remember our college days, gathering with friends.  These community spaces are also an important first impression in the recruitment process. We need to get this done!  Thank you in advance for joining my husband Kevin and me in supporting this worthwhile project!”

— Cindy McLendon ’79 Kewin

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The Project

Each year, classes celebrating a banner reunion join to fund a project of significant importance to our alma mater. The 2024 Reunion Gift Project continues the renovation and remodeling of community spaces in the residence halls.  This year our goal is one men’s and one women’s residence hall to build on what was raised by last year’s reunion classes.  This typically will be the main lobbies but may include a basement gathering area or other key space in other residence halls. It’s a way we can say to our current students we value you.   

Your Gift

The Goal of the 2024 Reunion Gift Project is to raise $175,000.  Will you join us by making an early pledge or gift to the project? Pledges may be made to cover 2 years with fulfillment by December 30, 2025. Visit https://www.asbury.edu/reunion-gift-project/give/ to pledge or make a one-time gift.

The Committee 

Special thanks to the following alumni who have volunteered to invite classmates to support this worthwhile project.

75th Reunion – Bulldogs Class of 1949 Mary King Turkington (honorary) 
70th Reunion – Olympians Class of 1954 Dorothy Barbo (honorary)
65th Reunion – Chevaliers Class of 1959 Hal Kime (honorary)
60th Reunion – Vikings Class of 1964 Jan Fraser Biddulph
55th Reunion – Knights Class of 1969 Don & Bonnie Cummings
50th Reunion – Patriots Class of 1974 Gordon Beardslee
45th Reunion – Crusaders Class of 1979 Cindy McLendon Kewin
40th Reunion – Heralds Class of 1984 Carla Ockerman Hunter
35th Reunion – Overcomers Class of 1989 Heather Music Gentry
30th Reunion – Challengers Class of 1994 Stephanie Gehring Rodriguez
25th Reunion – Seekers Class of 1999 Skip Little
20th Reunion – Agape Class of 2004 Michelle Clark Butcher
15th Reunion – Consecrated Class of 2009 Sarah Matthews Baillie & Liz Stephan
10th Reunion – Illuminated Class of 2014 Kaity Scanlan
5th Reunion – Merciful Class of 2019 Ben Campbell

A small percentage of each year’s Reunion Gift Project funds Asbury’s online alumni community and other digital engagement efforts. 

For additional information or to receive a pledge form: contact Carolyn Ridley ’81 or Megan Kidwell, at (859) 858-5707, or email advancement@asbury.edu. To make a secure gift online visit www.asbury.edu/reuniongift/give/.

For Reunion questions, please call the Alumni Office at (859) 858-5534, or email reunion@asbury.edu. Registration materials for Reunion will be in the spring issue of the Ambassador magazine.  Dates are June 21-13, 2024.