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Life of Legacy

May 22, 2023

Lisa Corbett ’84 Bacon

Life moves in stages and seasons. If I am completely honest, there are days I am caught off guard by the season I am in! When did I turn into my parents? When did my daughters grow up to be the beautiful adults they are, with children they are teaching and training to love Jesus?

This stage is a season of legacy. This is the time in my life when my heart is focused on what I am giving to the next generation. As I look into the eyes of my precious grandchildren that God has richly blessed me with, it is staggeringly important that they know first and foremost that their Gigi loves Jesus. They need to see it in my actions, attitudes, words, and deeds. They see what I focus on, and what is important to me. They see that I love a great cup of coffee, the smell of a great candle, and snuggling up with each one of them.

But do they see my devotion to my savior? They don’t see my morning devotion time. They don’t see the time I spend praying for each one of them. So how do I ensure they understand that my faith is who I am? It is in my intentional words, my conversations, my focus on reminding them that Jesus is in everything we do. It is seen in my desire to spend time with them and focus on them one on one.

Legacy is critical to the next generation. We each have someone who is younger than us who needs to see us live out our faith. Is it reaching out to a young mom and offering to take her little ones for a few hours? Is it words of encouragement over a cup of coffee? God wants to use each one of us to further the kingdom. Let’s pass our rich legacy to the next generation!