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Asbury Media Students Win Four Student Production Awards

October 5, 2022

Asbury University students within the Media, Journalism, and Digital Storytelling department won four Student Production Awards from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Ohio Valley Chapter) on September 18. The Ohio Valley chapter covers Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Competing against both public and private universities, Asbury students won four of the seven awards for which they were nominated.

Cold Feet, directed by Joel Pletcher ’21 and produced by Gillian Sparks ’22, won the Fiction: Short Film category. Professor Sarah Hogencamp served as the advisor for the short film.

Cold Feet is a quirky, silent film about marriage, love, and nerves,” Pletcher ’21 said. “Asbury’s film program has prepared and propelled me into a career that I love. I currently am the videographer at TrackFive, a recruitment marketing agency in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.”

“This project for Joel was an ‘aha’ moment,” Hogencamp said. “That is why I teach, to bring out the talent in our students for the world to experience.”

Dreamcatcher, directed by Chris Phelps ’21, won the Fiction: Long Form category. Professor Sean Gaffney served as the advisor for the film.

“On the surface, Dreamcatcher is a science fiction psychological thriller,” Phelps ’21 shared. “At its foundation, Dreamcatcher is a cautionary tale regarding the importance of the consequences that stem from our actions.”  

“It is gratifying when we see a student excel at their craft and deliver compelling projects,” Gaffney said. “Working with Chris is always refreshing – as he presents new ideas, creative solutions and stories that come with a freshness and heart that is, quite frankly, exciting for anyone interested in this field.”

For the Sports Program or Live Sporting Event/Game category, the Mario Kart Home Circuit EGaming Tournament won. Students involved in the production included Abigail Beers ’23, Ian Wilkinson ’23, Kevin Combs ’22, Faith Osborne ’23, Travis Kane Price ’23, Noah J. Clark ’23, and Grace Bevin ’23. Dr. Jim Owens served as the advisor for this tournament.

“I feel humbled and proud of this team and all of their hard work,” producer Abigail Beers ’23 shared. “The professors at Asbury are some of the most supportive people on the planet. The idea-building, encouragement, and engineering efforts put into this project were greatly appreciated.”

“I love the willingness of our students to take on new challenges,” Owens said. “The award for e-sports was won by a group of talented students who decided to take on broadcasting an e-sports tournament. They were not the gamers, but they produced the event as though it was a real auto race. This required weeks of studying racing, planning the broadcast, rehearsals, and finally the event. It was a huge undertaking.”

Allie (Sutton ’22) Root won the award for Talent: News or Sports. Professor Rich Manieri served as her advisor.

“I cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel for being blessed with this award,” Root ’22 said. “I would not have the job I do in Birmingham with CBS 42 News without Asbury and my professors equipping me and believing in me the way they did and continue to do.”

“It has been a joy and an honor to work with Allie,” Manieri said. “She is blessed with a wealth of talent, and she’s a wonderful ambassador for Christ. It’s so much fun to see her succeed.”

Since 2003, Asbury University students have won 43 Student Production Awards. The Media, Journalism, and Digital Storytelling department also has won four professional Emmy Awards. Learn more about Asbury’s Media, Journalism, and Digital Storytelling department: