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Metcalfe Equine was born out of Asbury Equine

Wes Metcalfe ’13 and Paige Scott ’15 Metcalfe

June 23, 2022

Wes Metcalfe ’13, and his wife, Paige Scott ’15 Metcalfe, own and operate a Lexington-based equine facility where full-care retirement boarders are trained, given lessons, and cared for.

Both Wes and Paige participated and met in the Equine program and bought their first horse together shortly after graduating from Asbury, which later stemmed into their training progress and structure being becoming integral in their services.

The goal of Metcalfe Equine is to build a solid foundation for the horses so they may be more desirable for adoption. Many horses are feral or rescues from the Kentucky Humane Society and administered training that will produce better behavior. The training process consists of modern horse training techniques similar to natural horsemanship, which is the utilization of sensory cues to administer healthy obedience to leadership.

This spring, the Metcalfes are launching an equine-assisted ministry program aimed at veterans, first responders and returning missionaries. These faith-based ministry events are aimed at countering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and culture shock through calming and trust-building exercises with horses, painting projects and lunch fellowship.

“We never shy away from our faith in business,” said Wes. “However, we are compelled to start a ministry program to help those that are struggling utilizing equine-assisted activities while pointing them to Jesus.”

“As someone who grew up on the mission field in Central Asia, this ministry is dear to my heart because I have experienced the hardships of transitioning back to the ’homeland,’” said Paige. “I hope to provide a place where God can promote peace and healing in people’s lives as they transition back to their ’home country.’”

To learn more about the Metcalfes, visit them on Instagram at Metcalf Equine LLC.