High School Filmmakers

Entry Requirements

Requirements for high school students differ from those for college students. To ensure that your entry can be accepted, please make sure to reference the applicable requirements. High school films must have been completed when the student was enrolled in 9th-12th grade, and the academic year of entrant must be verified, in writing, by a school administrator. Students must complete an entry form which includes a complete list of entry requirements.

Download the Entry Form (PDF)

Deadline for high school submissions is April 2, 2018.

Entry Tips

The Highbridge Film Festival is dedicated to expressing and exploring the human condition through the power of the visual story. We place special value on the ultimate spiritual truths illustrated through the struggles, joys, tragedies and the miracles we as people all experience. Consider the following tips to increase your chance of being chosen:

  • Story is Key: in a format as short as this, your storyline must be tight and the pacing strategic.
  • Keep it Moving: The inciting incident must happen in the first 15-30 seconds for a short film.
  • This Isn't a Home Movie: Every background, every setting must add to the story. Consider the composition of every shot and never underestimate the value of a tripod.
  • Storytellers Matter: Cast actors who can actually tell your story, not just your best friend.
  • Listen Carefully: Pay careful attention to your film's sound. You can't always fix it in post!
  • Stay Legal: Do not use any copyrighted music, footage, logos, or images that you have not secured the right to use.
  • Keep it Short, Sweet, and to the Point! These are short films, after all.

By entering your film, you agree to the following:

  • You will provide the Festival committee with requested information for marketing and promotional materials.
  • Your film has been completed within two years of the entry deadline.
  • You have secured all the necessary rights for all materials in the film for Festival play and the subsequent duplication and sale of your film.
  • The Festival retains the right to use all submissions for unlimited promotion, screenings, and a compilation DVD. Entries cannot be returned.
  • Judges' decisions are final. All prizes need not be awarded.

Prizes and Categories

Out of all films submitted to the festival, only a handful are chosen as Highbridge Film Festival selections. From these selections, further honors may be awarded, including:

  • The Highbridge Film Festival Award: automatically given to all award-winning selections.
  • Internet Distribution: most selected entries will be aired online at the Highbridge Film Festival website and on Asbury TV for web viewing and download.
  • High School entries are also eligible for the High School award, which includes a $1000 scholarship to Asbury University.