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Your pathway to education matters, and we take it personally.

Asbury University
Average national
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Asbury’s sticker price is already a great value — $10K less than the national average.

Everyone sees the same sticker price, but it’s probably far more than you’ll actually pay.



Building the path toward your education is a 3-way partnership.

Scholarships, Loans & Grants, and Family Investment


Here’s how it works:

Asbury offers generous financial aid, looking at each family’s story to create individual financial-aid packages.

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Guaranteed Scholarships

First, we add scholarships based only on your GPA—up to $16,000 (top award winners can compete for additional scholarships worth 75% and 100% of tuition). You can then qualify or apply for additional AU scholarships!

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Government Grants & Loans

Next, we add available government grants (based on need)—up to $10,000. Finally, we add student loans offered through the government (and the University), up to $5,500.

an even smaller price tag

Family Investment

The actual cost is the amount left over after scholarships, grants and student loans have been applied. This is the number your family will actually look at — and it is often significantly less than the sticker price.


Students received an average of $24,192 in financial aid for Fall 2018.

Your package may include loans, but they won’t break the bank.

The average Asbury student loan debt at graduation is only $23,035.52 — far below the national average of $39,400.

20 percent of Asbury students graduate with no debt at all!


Your Asbury education is a good investment.

After leaving Asbury, our graduates thrive in every field of calling, equipped by an outstanding education that’s accessible to everyone.

Asbury graduation rates are 20% higher than public universities in Kentucky. 98% of AU students are employed or pursuing advanced study within six months of graduation.

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