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Historical Postcards

Ewing Ross Postcard Collection (1928-1929)

Wilmore Depot

Ewing Ross arrived on Asbury’s campus in the fall of 1928.  He traveled 180 miles or so from Circleville, Ohio, probably by train and/or bus, to begin his college education.  Years later, Archives & Special Collections acquired an extensive collection of postcards that he had faithfully written back home to his mother and siblings throughout his first three semesters.

The postcards depict views of Asbury’s campus, Jessamine County sites, and landmarks from around Kentucky.  Ewing’s messages often mention details about the weather, his studies, campus events, or local spots he had explored.  He seems to have been studious, but also made time for hobbies.  He evidently enjoyed spending time outdoors – he frequently mentions long walks, sometimes as far as Nicholasville (five miles or more each way) – and writes several times about exploring a local cave.  Photography and creative writing were apparently other interests.  Archives also owns multiple photographs believed to have been taken by Ewing, and several of his written pieces, both prose and poetry, were featured in the Asbury Collegian.

Ewing (right) and friend outside Fletcher Early

Ewing seems to have made a point while he was in Kentucky to visit as many places of interest as he could.  After the close of his freshman year, he and his brother even took a road trip through the state, visiting Hodgenville and Mammoth Cave.

Ewing Ross graduated in 1933, with a major in Greek and Latin.  He is thought to have become a minister in Ohio.

The photo at left shows Ross (on right) with a friend in front of Fletcher Dorm.  For many years this was used for housing.  In the 1980s the building was renovated and the top two floors were removed.  Today that building is known as Fletcher-Early and houses office spaces for Student Life.

Full postcard collection coming soon.

If you have any further information about Ewing Ross, please contact the Archives.