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1940 Asburian

50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee Yearbook

In 1940 Asbury College published a special edition yearbook commemorating the institution’s 50th anniversary. The first pages of that yearbook contained a brief history of the college, historical pictures, and a group photograph or photograph composite of each graduating class. The Asbury University Archives has made these pages available as a digital PDF file, which can be downloaded here:

50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee Yearbook (File Size: 100MB)

The staff of the 1940 Asburian were: Virgil Sexton (Editor-in-Chief), Charles Johnson, Rosemary Smith, Nancy Crary, Louise Mott, Clarence Yates, Margaret Deaton, David Yoost, Zack Johnson, Lillian Forcey, Lois Shepherd, Audrey Barnes, Fred Spieth, Robert Reynolds, Lee Branham, Willis Miller, Floreen Presley, Florence Carr.

For the past 95 years, Asbury College has published the Asburian on an annual basis. The Asbury University Archives holds in its collection at least one copy of each yearbook.