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Publications Archive

The Asbury University Archives contains collections of the following publications:

Student Newspapers

The New Era was the Asbury College student newspaper from1914-1925. The Archives has microfilmed and paper copies of most of the issues. The Collegian has been the Asbury College student newspaper since 1925. The Archives has microfilmed and paper copies of most of the issues, and bound copies of all the years since 1979-80. More information on the student newspapers can be found here.


The Asbury College yearbook is titled The Asburian and has been in print since 1915. The Archives owns copies of all editions of The Asburian. Copies of The Asburian from 1934-present are located in the reference area of Kinlaw Library (call number 378.769).

Alumni Magazines

The Ambassador is the Asbury University alumni publication (called TheAlumnus until 1970). The Archives owns bound copies of The Alumnus from1933-1952 and 1961-1970 and bound copies of The Ambassador from 1970-2004. Copies of The Ambassador since 2004 are available and will be bound. These alumni publications are also on microfilm.


The Archives owns copies of all but three of the historical Asbury College’s bulletins going back to the 1890-91 school year, the institution’s first year of operation. These bulletins are also available on microfilm. (Missing bulletins are for 1897-98, 1900-01, and 1901-02.) Beginning with the Fall of 2010 the new series of bulletins for Asbury University will be archived.


The Archives owns copies of the Asbury College Student Handbooks from 1926-1995.


The Archives owns copies of The Daily Walk (1981-1987) and HolinessToday (1998-1990), daily devotionals which were published by Asbury College during those years.