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This is a list of all crimes that have occurred on campus or on any contiguous public property during the previous twelve months. Click on “Details” to view specific information related to a particular incident.

Reporting period: 2021/08/01 to the present

2022/01/20 Other
Trustees Residence Hall
2022/01/12 Theft
Parking lot: Bellevue Ave. Lot #1
2022/01/01 Other
Kinlaw Library
2021/11/18 Theft
Parking lot: Johnson Lot #9
2021/11/18 Theft
Parking lot: Kresge Lot #2
2021/11/05 Other
Kenyon House
2021/10/29 Criminal mischief (vandalism/property damage)
Campus Grounds
2021/10/09 Other
Glide-Crawford Residence Hall
2021/09/17 Other
Campus Grounds
2021/09/16 Criminal mischief (vandalism/property damage)
Parking lot: James St. Lot #5
2021/08/27 Other
2021/08/26 Other
Parking lot: Kinlaw Lot #10
2021/08/16 Theft
Collaborative Learning Center (Shaw CLC)

In accordance with the Minger Act, we will be posting an incident report of all incidences and/or crimes that occur on Campus property and housing as well as all public property contiguous to school property.