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Refer a Student

Refer a student... win a prize!

Your commitment to help us reach future students enables us to invest in the lives of the next generation of college students. Asbury University remains committed to academic excellence and spiritual vitality, equipping students for God’s call on their lives. Thank you for being a part of a future student’s journey towards Asbury.

Submit your Referral

3 Referrals

Submit 3 referrals to qualify for a campfire mug with the Asbury University Alumni logo*.


10 Referrals

Submit 10 referrals to qualify for an Asbury University pad folio*.


15 Referrals

Submit 15 referrals to qualify for a Nike hat with an Asbury logo*.


25 Referrals

Submit 25 referrals to qualify for a stadium blanket with an Asbury logo*


No, you can’t refer your mom or your cat. Qualified name referrals must be:

  • High School Sophomore (2025 Graduate)**
  • High School Junior (2024 Graduate)**
  • High School Senior (2023 Graduate) **

Submit your Referral

* Prizes are limited and will be mailed within 45 days of receiving referral.  If your prize is out of stock, we will contact you. Thank you for sharing the journey! 

** To be accepted as a qualified entry, the student(s) you refer must not have already visited or applied to Asbury; The student(s) must have a minimum 3.0 high school GPA, would agree with community standards, and would be a good fit for Asbury and for the student.


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