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Class Description

Taught by Professor David Whitaker, a veteran of the industry, this class on filmmaking will expose you to some of the basics of creating films. David draws from his own experience and the content he teaches at Asbury to equip you with some entry-level tools and tips for creating professional video content and telling stories through film.

Video sessions

Session 1: Introduction
Meet Professor David Whitaker as he introduces us to the art of filmmaking and storytelling.

Session 2: Story
An introduction to the basics of crafting a story for a short film.

Session 3: Camera
A series of tips and strategies for telling your story well with your camera.

Session 4: Production Audio
A quick look at how to record quality sound on-set, one of the most overlooked parts of filmmaking.

Session 5: Post-production Audio
A tutorial detailing a handful of methods for creating quality audio during the editing phase.

Session 6: Directing, Part 1
A glimpse at how to work with on-screen talent to best tell your story.

Session 7: Directing, Part 2
The lesson on directing concludes with tips about using the camera as a tool (not just a recorder).

David Whitaker
Prof. David Whitaker

About Your Instructor

Professor David Whitaker received his Masters in Creative Enterprise from the University of Reading in England. Before receiving his degree he worked in the film industry in Hollywood in both a production capacity and as a digital rights manager for major studios such as 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, MGM, and others.

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