Principal Licensure Program/Instructional Supervisor/Director of Pupil Personnel

The Principal Licensure program is a required post-master's certification, offered as an ED.S. Degree, and includes 36 hours above the master's degree of intensive reserach and field work over a two year time frame. There are no electives.

The graduate educational leadership model is fully online, with synchronous 'face to face' class sessions integrated into the program on a weekly basis through Adobe Connect and utilizing video technology. Each course builds on the previous course, and distinct transition points provide candidates a clear roadmap through completion. Level I provides certification, while Level II provides permanent certification and the Ed.S. You may view the current Principal Licensure Program major sheet for a sample of how the courses lay out. To learn more about the individual courses listed on the major sheet, you may view the course descriptions.

Program pre-requisites include a master's degree (minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA), teaching certification, and 3 years of teaching experience.

To ask further questions, please contact a graduate education admissions clerk at or by phone at 859.858.3511 x2502.

If you would like to apply, please do so at When your application is received, an admissions clerk will follow up with you regarding materials required to complete your application portfolio.