Graduate Education Programs

Asbury University offers programs designed for those seeking initial certification, certified teachers seeking additional certification or rank change, and teachers who would like to pursue a position in school leadership. Below you will find major sheets for each of the programs offered. For more information about program prerequisites, admission information, and much more, please see our FAQ page.

Master of Arts

MA programs are for certified teachers seeking to further their education. Each program can also be provided as a certification-only Rank I program.

English As A Second Language Endorsement

Learning And Behavior Disorders

Literacy Specialist P-12

Master of Arts in Teaching

MAT programs are for students who hold a bachelor’s degree and would like to receive initial teaching certification. All of our MAT programs can be completed via Option 6 (Alternative Certification) or through the traditional route (where coursework is followed by a full semester of student teaching).

Biological Science 8-12

Chemistry 8-12

English 8-12

Mathematics 8-12

Social Studies 8-12

French P-12

Latin P-12

Spanish P-12

Middle School 5-9

Middle School 5-9 with LBD

English As A Second Language

Learning And Behavior Disorders

Educational Leadership

Certified teachers who hold a master's degree and have accrued at least 3 years of professional teaching experience are eligible for educational Leadership programs

Principal Licensure/Instructional Supervisor/Director of Pupil Personnel

An Education Specialist degree (Ed.S.) is granted upon completion of levels I and II Principal Licensure, DPP, and Instructional Supervisor.


Other Certifications

Director of Pupil Personnel- contact School of Education for more information

Instructional Leadership - contact School of Education for more information

School Social Worker Certification Track - contact School of Education or Master of Social Work Program for more information